Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 6.14

  •  Implemented a new experimental algorithm to prevent team-killing.
  • A warning will appear if the main base defenses have been breached and no heroes are present in the main CP base to defend it.
  • Based on extensive testing and some community feedback, the following changes have been applied to Inferno:
    Slightly reduced the hitpoints of most buildings.
    Instead of 4 regular Hive Guardians per hero death, you will have to face a single but more powerful Guardian. The number of Guardians increases as you progress through the map or accumulate multiple deaths.
    Minor tweaks to vision and some events.
  • Minefield: reduced cast range 6->5.
  • Power Ranger Mastery (Fury): Increased bonus to Minefield cast range 10->12. Clarified tooltip of mastery.
  • The number of Merc Reapers attacking the first Lair is now always the same on Mental.
  • Reworded some Mental related tooltips which are also used in Inferno to make more sense.
  • Revised the auto-pick mastery order for Tychus for low rank players.

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