Crap Patrol 2 Leadership Perk

The Leadership Perk in Numbers


Out of all the Perks in Crap Patrol 2, Leadership Perk is one of the most debated one if it is worth the pick. It is also the Perk which raises the most questions, e.g. which units are affected by it? This short article will shed some light on the actual in-game numbers.

What Does Leadership Perk Do?

The Leadership Perk grants a cumulative percentage bonus to all damage dealt for all core minions summoned by a hero. If a unit deals 100 damage and gains a 50% damage bonus from Leadership Perk, its damage is increased to 150. If the unit also has another buff, which increases its damage by 50% it deals 200 damage (not 225).

Which Units Profit from Leadership Perk?

Here is a comprehensive list of all units affected ordered by damage increase.

  • Flaming Betty (Swann ability): 15%
  • Gatling Turret (Swann ability): 15%
  • Hellfire Missile Battery (Swann ability): 15%
  • Dusk Wings (Air Support Perk and Talent): 20%
  • Carriers (Tassadar Talent): 20%
  • Combat Drones (Nova ability): 20%
  • Iron Legion (Fury ability): 50%
  • Liberators (Pyro ability): 50%
  • Battlecruisers (Air Support Perk, Talents and others): 50%
  • Colossi (Tassadar ability): 50%
  • Dark Templars (Tassadar ability): 50%
  • Immortals (Tassadar ability): 50%
  • Void Rays (Tassadar ability): 50%
  • Stalkers (Tassadar ability): 50%
  • Zealot (Tassadar ability): 50%

Which Units Are Not Affected?

There are also a number of units which you can summon using various talents which are not affected by Leadership Perk.

  • All Support Drops (Infantry, Elite, etc)
  • Widow Mines (Fury ability and Support Drop Talent)
  • Archons (Tassadar Talent)

Which Heroes Should Pick Leadership Perk?

There is no easy answer to this question, since it depends heavily on your selected difficulty, group composition, other Perks selected and playstyle. However, here is some rough guideline for each hero.

  • Tychus: never; no gain.
  • Swann: always, since almost all damage comes from turrets.
  • Nova: depends on playstyle, other Perks and group size.
  • Tassadar: depends on playstyle, other Perks and group size.
  • Predator: never; no gain.
  • Anvil: never; no gain.
  • Fury: depends on playstyle, other Perks and group size.
  • Pyro: depends on playstyle, other Perks and group size.

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