Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 7.0 Official Pyro Release

  • New Hero: Pyro (official launch): Pyro is now somewhat balanced and the online leaderboards will accept your replays from this version onward. Pyro will receive additional minor polish, Talent additions and balance tweaks over time, as do all heroes.
  • Eternal Flames: now shows a larger and brighter visual effect once it reaches 10 stacks.
  • Lightweight Equipment Mastery(Pyro): reduced cooldown improvement for Heatwave from 20x .5 seconds to 20x .425 seconds.
  • Fixed Firestarter target filters.

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One thought on “CP2 Patch Notes 7.0 Official Pyro Release”

  1. I think an inferno win counter would be pretty cool, considering the added difficulty. Mental is pretty easy now

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