Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 7.1

  • Some players have reported crashes, especially when playing Inferno mode. If you experience crashes, try disabling “3D unit portraits” in the graphics options and update your graphics card drivers.
  •  Reintroduced a new model for friendly fire. Heroes can no longer be attacked by other players. Everything else should still be targetable.
  • Statue of Heroes now features Pyro and Fury records and has been updated with current stats.
  • Fixed heroes getting pushed out of the map by drop pods.
  • Fixed a lot of typos in talents and other tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug from Blizz which made some heroes collide with CP units again.
  • Special thanks to Folk for implementing most of these changes.

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5 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 7.1”

    1. Sorry that the interval between updates has become larger than a month. RL is taking its toll :/

      Aquila and Deathwish Perk are still being developed but veeeery slowly.

  1. Lovely aquila, and lovely balance. It’s okay :) u guys doing great. one thing, can u put mental/inferno wins as well as kill steak?
    Also, please please please change the order of the game in the drop down menu from
    normal>hard>insane>inferno>mental, to
    normal> hard> insane>mental>inferno thanks!

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