Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 7.4 – Aquila Public Alpha Test

  • New Hero: Aquila (Alpha Version Testing)
    You can now select Aquila as a playable hero. However, she is very much incomplete, bugged and probably completely broken. Please note that you can NOT upload any replays to the online leaderboards with one or multiple Aquilas present.
  • Extended Shields Talent: increased the bonus to Immortal shields. Bonus to hero shields unchanged.
  • Combat Drones Ability: now gain 50% increased damage from Leadership Perk (old: 20%).
  • Big Game Hunter Mastery(Anvil): increased bonus damage vs massive to auto-attacks.
  • Weapons Research Mastery(Anvil): increased bonus damage to Mjölnir Protocol primary jumps.
  • Golden Armada Mastery: no longer costs minerals to unlock.
  • Updated Nexus Exiles tooltip.
  • Reworded Leadership Perk tooltip.

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