Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 8.5

  • A small easter egg has been added to the map which could possibly hint at an upcoming new enemy type :O
  • Drone Hangar Mastery: increased bonus drones spawned from 2 to 4.
  • Asgard Training Mastery: can now progress further and shows its progress in percent.
  • Marksman Mastery: snipe bonus range and damage have been greatly buffed.
  • Killer Instinct Mastery: is now slightly easier to progress.
  • Booster Cache Talent: life gain per cube pickup increased. Amount of life now differs depending on your hero.
  • Moxie Cache Talent: energy maximum per cube pickup doubled.
  • Weapons Cache Talent: bonus damage values adjusted for Predator, Pyro and Nova.
  • Ballistic Scope Talent: Now grants 2×4 range (old: 3×3 range).
  • Heavy tweaks to Nova’s Talent succession rules.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Mastery: Instantly spawns one zealot upon learning.
  • Wrath of Thor Mastery: Thor himself blesses your vehicle of destruction and grants you a free Talent point upon learning this Mastery.
  • Aquila’s weapon and weapon passive have a new better suited icon.
  • Fixed a bug where Asgard Training Mastery would sometimes become stuck at 60/75 progress.
  • Inferno: Cerebrate Sentinels are now easier distinguishable from regular Hive Guardians.

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