Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 8.6

  • Performance: some major performance improvements to cpu load have been implemented. Big thanks to Folk for doing all the heavy lifting.
  • The end of game stats screen is currently being reworked. Expect it to change again in the upcoming patches.
  • Aquila has been added to the ingame Statue of Heroes.
  • Nova has seen several adjustments to make her feel more “snipery”:
  • Nova base health and energy slightly increased.
  • Nova now has Detector from the get go.
  • Shadow Walker Mastery(Nova): Reworked: become permanently cloaked, gain increased sight range and detection range.
  • Nova base attack-range increased to 7.7.
  • Nova base attack now deals bonus damage vs light units from the get go.
  • Snipe base energy cost reduced to 14 (old: 15).
  • Resourcefulness Talent: reduced the energy cost reduce for Snipe, but increased the reduction to Displace.
  • The Talents “Heavy Barrel” and “Scout” can no longer be learned by Nova.
  • Tychus base movement speed increased.
  • Riders of the Apocalypse Talent: increased the movement speed bonus.
  • Motherships (Mothership Mastery and Protoss Support Fleet) no longer have a cloaking aura.
  • Fixed a couple of tooltips.
  • Some Odins had their names changed.

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2 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 8.6”

  1. can you balance aquila, dude? super dumb the best team is now 4x aquila or 3x with a nova for long range toxic aura smashing. highest damage, super zealot tanks with aoe attacks, massive protoss army you can afk with, perma-stun whole groups of bosses, super colossi, + a mothership that does what, 1200 damage every .5 seconds? pretty op, she’s the best damage, best tank for half the game, and best crowd control by far. you did great up til this hero!

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