Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.0 – Oldschool Mode


  • A new difficulty has been added to provide a true challenge for veteran players: Oldschool.
  • Oldschool difficulty pits you against new enemy types, additional bosses and even more unfair encounters.
  • Nuke costs are greatly increased and the overall game experience is much rougher.
  • In Oldschool you start with more talent points compared to other difficulties, especially if you are playing solo.
  • If you die on Oldschool, your hero will lose a lot more experience than usual and suffer a small, but permanent reduction to all stats.
  • This way death is not as punishing as on Mental or Inferno and only punishes the player who died. You will die, but that’s ok.
  • World Events are on full random and will appear with high frequency.
  • This difficulty is meant for highly skilled players who seek a true challenge and want to experience the map the way it was meant to be played in the first place. It is a test of endurance, map knowledge and skill.
  • Communication with your teammates and a well thought out game plan are required.
  • Should you succeed, head over to and upload your replays to the online leaderboards to take your rightful place amongst the truest of the hardcore players!


  • Once you have learned all available talents for your hero, all future talent points (no matter the source) will be converted to 1000 bonus minerals.
  • Iron Man Mastery: no longer grants snare reduction after earning all bonuses. The snare reduction was buggy on half the heroes anyway and thus this change shouldn’t impact the game at all.
  • Mercenary Perk: Now grants 6666 minerals per Hive killed, but no longer awards minerals fromkilling bosses. All other bonuses of Mercenary Perk are unchanged. This reduces the total amount of minerals gained slightly.
  • Moxie Cache Talent: increased the number of bonuses you can earn from this talent significantly.
  • Weapons Cache Talent: increased the number of bonuses you can earn from this talent significantly.
  • Booster Cache Talent: increased the number of bonuses you can earn from this talent significantly.
  • Fixed Odins’ Guardian Shell ability graphics, because blizz effed them up with a recent patch.
  • Fixed some Nydus Worms not being revealed to the players.
  • Mutalisks deal less damage against CP buildings on all difficulties.
  • The main Orbital Command Center has 50% more hitpoints on all difficulties.
  • Experience gained when picking up hidden protoss artifacts has been doubled on all difficulties.


  • Aquila provides too much team utility and allows players to shave off too much time without requiring a lot of skill. While powerful
    heroes and abusive mechanics are fine with me, they should require at least some level of skill/micro/map knowledge. With that in mind, several changes to Aquila have been made which mainly balance out some of the abilities and masteries.
    Unfortunately these changes will make all previous Aquila times on the online leaderboards invalid. The most clean and fair way would be to delete them all, but I think this would be really frustrating for most people. Instead we decided on adding a couple minutes on all runs which had Aquila in their team. I hope this solution is acceptable for everyone and will bring all the heroes closer together in power-level.
  • Void Tear: slightly increased energy cost, reduced cooldown, reduced duration and increased target’s armor bonus.
    Overall usage should be the same, but it now requires quicker reflexes, slightly more energy and make it a more meaningful decision, when to use this ability.
  • Blades of Aiur: slighty increased cooldown and energy cost. Blades of Aiur is a powerful ability and it should be a more meaningful decision, when to activate it (and not just a simple spam-all-the-time button).
  • Honor Guard and Enduring Victory Talents increase the energy cost of Blades of Aiur by +1 when learned.
  • Mothership Mastery: no longer deals bonus damage vs structures. Base damage has been slightly reduced. Mothership Mastery is still a powerful tool, but the clear speed in the early game is now roughly 20% slower.
  • Aquila base damage increased, but damage bonus per level has been decreased. Aquila’s auto-attack damage falls off in the late game in comparison to true carry/scaling heroes and this change slightly amplifies this effect.
  • Fixed Blades of Aiur attacking towards units they can’t hit, e.g. enemy flying units.


  • Iron Legion Passive: increased the base range of Iron Legion mechs by 1.


  • Various balance changes to weapon damage scaling, talents and masteries.

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