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New Perks, Survival Game Mode and UI Features Sneak Peak

Awesome New Features Incoming

We are currently working on several awesome additions to CP2.  Here is a short sneak peak of all the features to come. Of course, all of these things are subject to change and some of these will probably never go live.

New Custom in-game User Interface

Thenarden is working on an overhauled custom UI. The new UI will have cool new features like an always visible health bar for your hero. It will be extra big and even shown while you have another unit selected. Buttons for abilities and passives will be rearranged in a way that you have more space on the screen. In addition, we are planing on adding a display for your current massacre streak, similar to Diablo 3′s.

New Game Mode: Survival

Experience the map in a completely new way: survival mode! In survival mode, your map is limited to the first main CP base and its  surroundings. You will have to stem the tide against ever increasing waves of enemies. Additional events, new randomly generated enemy types and bosses will make each wave more challenging than the last.

In order to help you defend against this merciless onslaught you will be able to spend excess minerals on building additional base defenses like Bunkers and even construct powerful support units including Odins.

Waves are not fixed but follow a complex spawn algorithm to increase replayability.

There will also be a new section in the online leaderboards where you can upload your replays and see how you fare against other players and how far they have come.

In order to keep things balanced, in survival mode, some talents, masteries and abilities will be slightly changed, buffed or nerfed. These balance changes will only affect Survival Mode and will have no impact on the other game modes.

Tons of New Perks Coming Soon

We will be adding a lot of new Perks and broaden the available spectrum dramatically. Here is a sneak peak of some of the Perks you MIGHT see. Please note that nothing of this is final and will most certainly change or never go live at all:

  • Speed Demon: Your hero has greatly increased base movement speed.
  • Priviliged: Start the game with greatly increased max energy and 100k minerals.
  • Money Duck: Gain x% interest on your minerals every few minutes. Half of that interest is given to you while the other half is evenly distributed amongst all other players.
  • Demo Expert: All your basic hero abilities capable of dealing damage to enemies deal insane bonus damage vs structures.
  • Tac Strikes: Nukes deal double damage to all enemies close to the center of their impact location.
  • Carpet Bombs: Nukes have a chance to trigger additional nukes for free close to their original impact location. This effect can chain off itself.
  • Frothing Berserker: Your hero gains 25% increased attack-speed, but deals 25% reduced spell damage.
  • Mantra of Shielding: Your hero gains an aura which increases the armor of all friendly units, heroes and buildings within a large radius. Mantra of Shielding doesn’t affect your own hero.
  • Mantra of Regeneration: Your hero gains an aura which restores a small amount of life, shields and energy every 5 seconds to all friendly units, heroes and buildings within a large area. Mantra of Regeneration doesn’t affect your own hero.
  • Survivalist: Learning Iron Man Mastery costs a talent point instead of a mastery point.
  • Advanced Weaponry: Start the game with fully developed Weapons Research Mastery for free.

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