Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.18 – New Hero Open Beta Test

  • The new hero Messiah is now open for beta testing. As usual, you can not upload replays when someone in your team picks Messiah.
    Please note that Messiah is far from finished and is missing Talents, balancing, polish and there are probably bugs.
    If you are rank 35 or higher, jump into the game and crush your enemies as Messiah!
  • Tassadar now has access to the Void Treasures and Stalker Support Talents.
  • Dissolving Lance is now a base tier Talent for Tassadar.
  • Mental world records will now only show on Mental difficulty.
  • Predator starting health increased by 13%.
  • Blades of Aiur will choose to attack a nearby enemy (even up cliffs) right after spawn before proceeding with their usual attack pattern.
  • Weakspot Mastery now has a proper icon.
  • Fixed Surge Talent not granting energy regeneration to Predator.
  • Fixed all Masteries learned calculating incorrectly for Anvil.
  • Fixed Shadow Nimbus Mastery tooltip.

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