Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.19

  • The area which triggers the Hybrid General has been sligtly increased and now encompasses part of the walkway outside the final base.
    However, you can no longer trigger the final boss with summoned units. You must physically get there with your hero.
    This is a radical change in game mechanics and will affect a lot of runs. If it turns out to be a bad idea, we will take down replays and
    revert this change. Internal testing shows it’s good. Let’s hope it survives public release.
  • Shadow Nimbus Mastery has been removed from Messiah and replaced with a new Mastery: Templar’s Verdict.
  • Alacricity Talent has been removed from Messiah.
  • Aftermath restores less energy for Messiah (unchanged for all other heroes).
  • Force Field (Tassadar): base energy cost reduced 20->15.
  • Desecrate (Messiah): base energy cost increased 40->45, cooldown reduced 40->39.
  •  Snipe (Nova): base bonus damage vs massive increased 100->125.
  •  Advance Talent (all heroes): proc chance reduced 25%->20%.
  • Rainmaker Talent (all heroes): proc chance reduced 25%->20%.
  • Advance and Rainmaker proc chances are now normalized so you will get a proc eventually.
  • Weapons Research Mastery(Predator): all bonuses increased.
  • Tychus can now learn Close Quarter Combat Mastery with Onslaught Perk selected.
  • Shadow Stalker Mastery(all heroes): you can now learn this Mastery even with Onslaught Perk selected.
  • Messiah now gains less tank score from Nexus Exiles (similar to Aquila) but more tank score if he manages to keep his shields up.
  • You can now progress your Absorption Perk by using Shadow Stalker Mastery.
  • Revenge of the Fallen triggers from using Shadow Stalker Mastery.
  • Shadow Stalker Mastery (all heroes) now counts towards abilities used.
  • Iron Man Mastery progress floating combat text now shows a completion percentage.
  • Extenend Shields (Talent) and Rampage (Talent) have new fancy icons.
  • Various improvements to Mastery and Perk tooltips for multiple heroes.
  • Fixed random enemy units appearing on Nuke Silos and walking into the spawn area (hopefully).
  • Fixed Messiah max Mastery calculation when picking Onslaught Perk.
  • Fixed custom Perk tooltips not showing for Messiah.

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