Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.20

  • Templar’s Verdict Mastery: almost doubled the cooldown reduce from activating skills.
  • Ordo Drakonis Mastery: now reduces energy regeneration in addition to all previous effects.
  • Ordo Drakonis Mastery: bonus attacks against close range enemies now triggers at range 4 and below (old: 4.5).
  • Ordo Drakonis Mastery: bonus shield armor reduced 20->15.
  • Obliteration energy cost increased by 10%.
  • Messiah damage, shields and life per level very slightly reduced.
  • Field Research Talent: slightly reduced energy regeneration for Messiah.
  • Forbidden Palace Mastery: Void Rays deal 20% less damage.

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