Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 10.2 – New Difficulty “Hellwalker” Public Alpha Test

  • A new mode has been added to the map: Hellwalker.
    Hellwalker sports an extremely high difficulty level, new traps and mechanics that will strain even the most seasoned veterans of the game. Hellwalker is designed to test your awareness and skills at the highest possible level. Many common approaches to solving problems will not be enough. New enemy types and boss abilities will kill you. The Hybrid General himself will actively counter anything you try to throw at him. There will be no mercy for the weak, no help for the complacent, only hell.
    Hellwalker mode is still in an early development stage as such many things are missing, bugged or completely broken.
    As per usual, you will not be able to upload Hellwalker mode replays at this time.
  • When your primary planetary fortress gets destroyed, the orbital command will attempt to produce supplemental scvs for a limited amount of time in order to rebuild the base.
  • The number of starting Talents for the following modes has been increased: Oldschool solo, Oldschool duo, Inferno solo, Inferno duo.

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2 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 10.2 – New Difficulty “Hellwalker” Public Alpha Test”

  1. Like this game very much, but getting constant BSOD with dxgmms2.sys exception error… no way to load the map, re-installed everything and nothing changes.. nvidia gtx760 win10

  2. Writting it here ’cause yesterday everything was OK playing old version, maybe you know what new feature might cause the error and fix it for stability

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