Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 10.5

  • When you die on any difficulty, your shields are fully restored as well.
  • The Ravager artillery missile precursor visual is now blinking red. If you still stand in them it is definitely your own fault.
  • Demoralize has a new fancy art for its debuff on enemy units.
  • Satellite Uplink Mastery(Swann): duration of uplink towers reduced 1800->1400 seconds.
  • Support-drop auto-turret Talent removed from Swann and Anvil.
  • Bombardment Talent(Swann): reduced bonus range from this Talent.
  • Borr Protocol Mastery(Anvil): increased bonus to attack-speed in tank mode.
  • Lots of balance and mechanical changes and polish to Hellwalker difficulty.
  • All new enemy types now have proper experience and mineral bonuses.
  • Fixed several bugs on Hellwalker difficulty.
  • Fixed Borr Protocol Mastery(Anvil) incorrectly granting the Ballistic Foam Talent.
  • Fixed Swann getting slightly too much tank score from towers taking damage when using the new Frontal Assault Mastery.

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