Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 10.11

  • The intro message showing player ranks and wins has been reformated and now includes a “win rating”. Win rating is value which represents a player’s overall experience with the map. The value is higher the more games you’ve completed on various difficulties. Higher difficulties impact the value more while spamming a certain difficulty has diminishing effects. This value should give you a rough estimate on how much your teamates have played CP2.
  • Psionic Warrior Mastery(Tychus): Psi-Storms now also trigger Berserk.
  • Combat Architect Mastery(Swann): once learned, it changes the model of Hellfire Turrets.
  • Leviathans deal slightly less damage vs structures (all difficulties).
  • Fixed wins on Hellwalker and Oldschool not properly adding a win past the first win.
  • Fixed Mobile Command Post Mastery(Anvil) elite banshee being removed by Giant Spore Crawler world event.

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