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Heroic Loatheb Guide (using two almost F2P decks)

How to beat Loatheb on Heroic?

Like with Maexxna in the first wing, the last of the three is the hardest. Depending on which decks you choose, some encounters might be going more smoothly than others. However, heroic Loatheb is definitely no push-over, especially if your deck is not attuned to the special circumstances of this encounter.

Heroic Loatheb will hit you for 3 damage using his hero ability every turn. In addition he will start with minions on the board and will have 99 health. Here are two relatively cheap decks to beat Loatheb on heroic.

Important side note: Alexstrasza does not work on Loatheb. The moment you play it, Kel’Thuzad will appear and destroy her.

Hearthstone Naxx Loatheb Heroic Ability

Decklist 1: Cheap Priest

Priests seems to be very good against several heroic bosses in Naxxramas. Once you made this deck, it might even be worth to keep it in your decklist for a while.

Strategy Heroic Loatheb as Priest

Just play a normal game. Survive, control, deal some damage and so on. You can make your life significantly easier, if you draw Shadow Word: Pain and Lightwell early. Loatheb won’t target Lightwells directly and thus allowing you to breathe easy as it counter-heals all the damage from his heroic ability.

Decklist 2: F2P Hunter

Don’t want to play priest? Want to go even cheaper? This Hunter deck will get you through several heroic Naxxramas encounters including heroic Loatheb. Assuming you have none of the cards on a fresh account you will only need 400 dust to make the whole deck.

Strategy F2P Hunter Heroic Loatheb

You will want to have Hunter’s Mark + something to trigger it or a Freezing Trap in your opening hand. If you can’t get this by turn two, concede and start over. Use this to kill his first taunter.

After that just fill your board with minions. Whenever you need to remove an enemy minion, try to do it in a way which does not involve trading. Your killing blow damage will come from your minions, buffed by the spores, not your spells. Loatheb has several ways to deal 1 damage to all of your minions, always keep that in mind. If a minion of yours will be left with one hit-point after a trade, choose a different trade.

If you are unable to remove a taunt or big creature, play Freezing Trap and pass the turn.

For your final blow-out turn, play Explosive Trap while having as many minions as possible on the board (3 is a good value to aim for). The Explosive Trap will destroy all of the spores and you are very likely to finish Loatheb off.

Other Approaches to Heroic Loatheb

There are several more ways and tweaks on how to defeat the Naxxramas bosses. I heard several people reporting great success using relatively standard Control Warrior decks. Just keep in mind that Alexstrasza won’t work.

How did you beat Loatheb on heroic? Show us your best deck for the job in the comments.

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  1. Thanks. Nasty boss. Took my lots of tries. Now I used this priest and now 2nd attempt defeated him. good stuff man.

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