Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 10.14

  • The online leaderboards now feature a global win rating highscore! The online highscore is calculated from uploaded replays only so naturally it won’t exactly reflect your offline value. Be sure to upload all successful runs in order to be properly represented online.
  • For a long time Nova, Predator and Pyro have had less Talents than all other heroes. This patch is the beginning of several smaller updates to fix this and bring more diversity and balance to Talent selections in order to put all heroes on the exact same level.
  • Crippling Shot, Shatter and Harmstring Talents have been permanentely disabled.
  • Several new Talents have been added for Nova.
  • Fury can no longer learn Explosive Rounds Talent.
  • Pulse Quake Mastery(Fury): slightly increased life regeneration bonus.
  • Infiltration Expert: you can now only learn this Talent twice (old: thrice).
  • Major Anvil can no longer learn the Scout Talent.
  • Major Anvil base vision range greatly increased in both modes.
  • Ordo Drakonis Mastery(Messiah): reduced energy regeneration penalty slightly.
  • Rally base energy cost reduced 75->70.
  • Fixed Field Research Talent granting way more energy regeneration to Messiah than intended.

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