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Squad TD Soul Build Order

Squadron TD Soul Worker IconSquadron TD is a team tower wars map for Starcraft 2, available through the Arcade mode. Squadron TD has been a stable entry on the top 3 most played maps for years. However, there are only very few guides and good build orders out there. If you dig deep, you may find some, but most of them are hopelessly outdated. There are ongoing balance changes to the map, which is good, but also invalidates a lot of the Squadron TD build order guides out there.

Here is an up-to-date working build-order guide for Squadron TD using the Soul-Builder. This guide was written in August 2014 and has crushed many public games since then. Enjoy.

The Build Order in Detail

How to read this build-order: Work your way down the list. If there are two items, you will need to build both, but you can choose in which order to build them. For example, “Worker / Tower 2″ means that you should build a worker and Tower 2 next. If you think you won’t make the next wave, build the tower first. On the other hand, if you are owning face and have to wait for enemy leaks to be killed off, get your additional worker first.

For information on positioning, check out the screenshots. Here is how you get past your first ten waves.

Squadron TD Soul Guide First Wave Guide
Starting Towers Placement.
  • Flux + Essence (starting towers, build close to red line with 2 grid spaces distance in between them)
  • Runeguard
  • Worker
  • Essence
  • Worker
  • Flux
  • Speed Upgrade
  • Worker
  • Essence
  • Runguard x2
  • Stahrry / Worker
  • Worker x2
  • Flux / Essence
  • Speed Upgrade
  • Continue Upgrading your Runeguards
Squadron TD Soul Guide Couple Waves Build Order
This is what it should look like after the first few waves.

Target for wave 11

By wave 11 you should have the following towers, workers and upgrades. If you are missing one of these, e.g. have 6 instead of 7 workers, you are still good. If you are missing more than that, something went majorly wrong.

  • Runeguard x5
  • Flux x3
  • Stahrry x1-2
  • Workers x7
  • Speed Upgrade x2

Now continue building the following in exactly this order

  • Netherlord (between your row of Runeguards and Stahrrys)
  • Nethermaster (between your row of Runeguards and Stahrrys)
  • Stahrry x2


From this point onward it depends on the game. With this setup you will be quite competitive in gas and mineral income rates. Additionally you should be able to clear the wave 14 (Immortals) and 15 with ease. This is a stable setup to continue playing more liberally.


Spend half of your money on gas income and the other half on towers. You should prioritize getting your ultimate tower and adding more Runeguards and Stahrry (filling up their lines, but not more).

In the very late game, you should add another Netherlord and a Nethermaster and spam your ultimate tower. Keep adding Thors and enjoy watching your enemies drown in mobs. Squadron TD at its best.

You’ve got another great build-order? Still enjoying Squadron TD with your friends? Post it in the comments and maybe we’ll make a guide from it with your name on it!

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