hearthstone game of the week 2

Hearthstone Game of the Week #2

Hearthstone Game of The Week Series

In the Hearthstone Game of The Week posts, we showcase a remarkable and entertaining game from the e-sports scene. Games in this series focus on the Hearthstone scene, this time the VGVN Naxxramas Release Tournament. You can check out more about the tournament on Liquipedia (Spoilers!).

Click here to watch the VOD. Game starts around minute 8.

If you want to check out more from this tournament, we have an easy way for you to do that. Check out all the VODs on hsdream.tv. It is a great site for watching Hearthstone and provides nice functionalities such as spoiler-free links and quickly jumping to the beginning of a match. See all VGVN Naxxramas Release Tournament VODs here.

About the Game

This week’s match is from one of the pre-rounds of the VGVN Naxxramas Release Tournament.  Even if you are not that much into e-sports or constructed play, check out the series. Forsen takes on Reynad in a best-of-5. Both players were allowed to ban one class from their opponents’ list. A nail-biting series unfolded quickly as both players were forced to bring all of their best plays to overwhelm their opponents and the all-mighty rngesus.

vgvn homepage

The tournament was hosted by VGVN, a non-profit organisation which fights for gamers’ rights all over the world. No matter if you are casual, hardcore or pro level, check out their page: videogamevoters.org. One of their goals is to improve video games’ and video gamers’ standings in the ongoing debate surrounding violence and all that non-sense.

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