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Hearthstone Patchwerk Heroic Decklist Guide

Patchwerk Heroic Decklist and Guide

Patchwerk heroic has two powerful things which he will throw at you: a weapon for 2×4=8 damage per turn plus minion removal via his heroic ability. Patchwerk won’t play any cards, but 8 damage per turn and minion removal sounds pretty hardcore already. Luckily, both his weapon and hero ability removal usage is very predictable. He will attack you in the face every turn and, if he can spare the mana, destroy your most valuable minion. This guide will show you a Mage  deck which abuses both these mechanics and should provide you with an easy win.Hearthstone Patchwerk Heroic

The Decklist (Freezing Mage)

Patchwerk Heroic Strategy

Use Acidic Swamp Ooze to destroy his weapon. This is especially useful in the earlier turns, because he won’t have the mana to replay it or at least he won’t have enough mana to play it AND destroy a minion of yours. Further stall his attacks using the Mage’s spells and secrets.

Patchwerk won’t draw or play any cards, but if you make him draw cards, he will suffer fatigue damage. This isn’t much, but can add up to squeeze in the final amounts of damage needed to bring him down. Stall Patchwerk’s damage and just attack him with smaller minions.

Remember, Patchwer Heroic will use his heroic ability to remove your most powerful minion. Use this to save the life of your smaller ones. Patchwerk will also prioritize minions with Deathrattles, for example, Mad Scientist over Acidic Swamp Ooze and Dancing Swords over almost everything else in your deck. Use this to your advantage. If you are about to die, play Mad Scientist and the triggered secret will save for one more turn.

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