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Best Valla Build 2015

Best Heroes of the Storm Valla Guide

Valla is certainly among the top assassins in Heroes of the Storm at the moment. There are others like Tychus and Falstad, for example, but what sets Valla apart is her relatively low skill requirement. Most people will argue that a full multi-shot build is the best way to play Valla. This guide will showcase a Valla build which focuses on multi-shot with the exception of one or two talents. It is currently the most flexible and certainly one of, if not the strongest way to play Valla.

Talent Choices

Hereos of the Storm - Valla RancorHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Hereos of the Storm - Valla BuildHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Hereos of the Storm - Battle MomentumHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Hereos of the Storm - StrafeHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Hereos of the Storm - Valla BuildHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Hereos of the Storm - Blood for BloodHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Hereos of the Storm - Bolt of the StormHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection
Level 1: Updated – Composite Arrows is the way to go for a pure Multishot build since Battle Momentum has been removed from Valla.

Level 4: Arsenal - Multi-Shot becomes a reliable source for burst damage and you will be able to damage structures effectively. Use this to whittle down the enemy’s towers in the early game.

Level 7: Updated – Battle Momentum has been removed from the hero. Pick either increased movement speed or double arrow depending on your playstyle.

Level 10: Strafe - Use Strafe to damage multiple enemies. If your team is seriously lacking crowd-control, grab Rain of Vengeance instead.

Level 13: Frost Shot - Multi-shot becomes a serious disable.

Level 16: Blood for Blood - Adds sustain (of which you have none), another slow, burst damage and a tool against enemy tanks. If your team provides a lot of reliable crowd-control, for example in the form of an Arthas tank, you can go for Executioner.

Level 20: Bolt of the Storm - You are squishy and good positioning is key. You can’t go over walls with Tumble, now you can with Bolt of the Storm.

Pros and Cons

Even the strongest heroes with their best talent choices have their weaknesses. Here are some general and specific pros and cons for this Valla build.


  • Strong single-target AND aoe damage.
  • Clears minion waves with ease.
  • One of the top 3 assassins in raw damage output.


  • Squishy. Valla has one of the lowest health pools in the whole game.
  • Can’t go over walls/obstacles with Vault.
  • Heroic ability Strafe is channeled and can be interrupted.

Good Matchups and Worst Enemies

With this Valla build, you will be one of the most feared assassins in the Nexus. Now with drafting and hero league in the picture, it is more important than ever to pay attention to what your enemy is playing. You can savely pick Valla if you are facing the following enemies:

  • Li Li
  • Malfurion
  • Gazlowe
  • Rehgar
  • Tyrande
  • Azmodan
  • Falstad
  • Jaina
  • Arthas

Valla has balanced match-ups with most of the heroes, but there are three I would consider arch-enemies. If the enemy team has one or multiple of these, do not pick Valla. You will have a very bad day, if you do.

  • Chen
  • Tyrael
  • Zagara

General Plays and Strategies

Valla is a pretty straight forward hero to play, however, here are some general things to keep in mind while doing so. Adhering to these simple tips will set you apart from your average random mediocre multi-shot spamming Valla and cement your place as one of the most feared assassins in every game.

Never use Vault offensively. It may be tempting to leap forward to secure a kill, but most of the time it is not worth it. Keep Vault off cooldown as much as possible. Also remember, that you can not use Vault to tumble over obstacles. Vault will follow regular terrain pathing and is not a magic blink ability which moves you out of harm’s way without thinking.

Positioning is key. Always fight at maximum range. This is especially true for Strafe. While channeling Strafe, position yourself in such a way that Strafe barely hits its targets. Multi-shooting at max range can be used to damage enemy towers. This becomes especially effective once you have acquired your level 4 talent, Arsenal.

If you find yourself running out of mana all the time, consider using Hungering Arrow less frequently. Conserve your mana, if you know that a map objective is coming up. Just use your auto-attack and a single Multi-Shot if you have to, but don’t go full spam and Vault and Hungering Arrow all the time. This Valla build focuses on auto-attacks and Multi-Shot and so should you.

If your enemy team has reliable crowd-control, such as Zagara’s maw, Muradin’s Stormbolt, Tyrael’s Judgement and the likes, wait until you are in a good position before activating Strafe. Often times it is also a good play to use a couple other abilities first and wait till your enemy has all these abilities on cooldown.

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