Heroes of the Storm Tier List – June 2015

The Best Heroes of the Storm Heroes Characters June 2015

What are the best Heroes of the Storm characters? This is a question asked by many people. Which heroes should I buy first if I start playing the game? Which heroes should I pick in order to own my everyday public games in quickmatch and hero league?

Every few weeks the meta game changes and it is sometimes hard to stay on track. We have compiled a short comprehensive list with heroes you should focus on during the hot summer days 2015.

Best Heroes of the Storm – Assassins

Good hero choices for maximum damage output and team viability are Jaina and Kael’thas. Valla is also still one of the most solid picks. If you need a melee oriented character pick Illidan.

New player pick: Valla.

Jaina Kaelthas Valla Illidan

Best Heroes of the Storm – Tanks

Anub’arak is currently one of the strongest picks and definitely a good choice for public games. Johanna has also splashed successfully onto the scene. If you don’t own these go with Tyrael. If Tyrael is too expensive for you or you need more crowd control, try E.T.C.

New player pick: ETC.

Anubarak Johanna Tyrael ETC

Best Heroes of the Storm – Specialists

When it comes to specialists there are three distinct choices which dominate everything. The Lost Vikings are good for larger maps like Cursed Hollow where they can spread out and soak insane amounts of experience. For smaller maps and if your team lacks damage pick Sylvanas or Zagara. Azmodan, Nazeebo and Gazlow can be fine as well, but are definitely more composition reliant and have fallen off quite a bit.

TheLostVikings Sylvanas Zagara

Best Heroes of the Storm – Support

Supports are currently in a good place as they all see play. However, there are two supports which stand above the crowd: Brightwing and Li Li. Both are composition specific. Brightwing is good if you run a melee assassin and Li Li is the best choice if your enemy runs a melee assassin. Uther and Rehgar will always fill these slots similarily well. Malfurion is the only one so far down, that he will not be listed here. However, that might change with the patches coming in during July 2015.

New player pick: Li Li.

Brightwing LiLi Uther Rehgar

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