Hearthstone Naxxramas Heroic Maexxna Paladin Victory

Heroic Maexxna Guide

How to beat Maexxna on Heroic?

Maexxna Heroic Hero AbilityNaxxramas is here and with it three bosses to conquer. After you have completed them in normal mode, you can try them on heroic difficulty. This is not that important as the only thing you will get is a custom cardback if you manage to beat all the heroic bosses of all five wings. Heroic Maexxna is one of the more challenging bosses which will require you to customize your deck in order to have an easier time.

Maexxna’s hero ability on heroic mode is like a double Sap for free. She will bounce two random minions from your side of the board back into your hand. Naturally you’ll want to play a lot of minions with battlecries.

The Decklist

Heroic Maexxna Paladin DecklistPaladin deck full of battlecries which either heal you or damage Maexxna. Some weapons, card draw and chargers complete the package. Shieldbearers and Leeroy Jenkins can be replaced with whatever you have or like.

  1.  Ensure your survival by constantly dropping Voodoo Doctors, Earthen Ring Farseers, and later Guardian of Kings. Throw in a Holy Light if things get dicey.
  2. Fill the enemy board with 1 damage creatures. In order to accomplish this, kill the Haunted Creepers, but don’t kill the Spectral Spiders. If heroic Maexxna plays a bigger minion, reduce its attack utilizing Humility or Aldor Peacekeepers.
  3. Maexxna will deal a maximum of 7 damage to you per turn and you will be able to heal for more than that in the later rounds. Repeat overhealing until you have accumulated a decent life buffer.
  4. Switch to turns which consist of partial healing and partial damage, for example, Earthen Ring Farseer + Truesilver Champion + Wolfrider.
  5. Alternate between steps 3 and 4 until you killed or fatigued Maexxna.

Final hint: The match gets a lot easier, if you have the right opening hand by turn 2/3. An ideal hand would include Earthen Ring Farseer, Voodoo Doctor, Elven Archer, and Humility. If you have none of these cards, just restart the match. It will be faster and easier that way. Good hunting!

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