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Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy Guide



Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy (updated August 2015)

Once you reached the decillion-range in Adventure Capitalist, you can shoot for the moon. The moon has 10 new business with very strange breakpoints and irregular multiplicators. Especially when first starting to build stuff on the moon, you will probably be stuck and progress will feel awfully slow.

This Adventure Capitalist guide will show you a simple build order strategy which will guide you through your first weeks on the moon. Just try to reach these goals in the given order and sleep with the confident feeling of maxed out profits. Even with this strategy, the first couple million angels will take some time, but once you hit 100 everything unlock, things will start to grow more rapidly.

Moon Strategy Overview

Follow these build steps in exactly the given order to maximize profits on the moon. There are two kinds of goals listed here: mandatory goals and optional goals.

Mandatory goals are written in bold face and you must get these, before you progress.

Optional goals will be shown in italics and are not mandatory. However, depending on when you reset and how often you tend to the game, you might be needing more money. If an optional goal is feasible and you need more money, go for it.

The Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy

Follow these build goals in this exact order to maximize your profits. Sometimes you will need to wait for a bit, but it will be worth it in the long run.

  1. 160 Moon Shoes
  2. 120 Payday Clones
  3. 90 Oxygen Bars
  4. 64 Cheese Mines
  5. 5 of everything
  6. 180 Oxygen Bars
  7. 128 Cheese Mines
  8. 25 of everything
  9. 360 Oxygen Bars
  10. 256 Cheese Mines
  11. 840 Payday Clones
  12. 100 of everything
  13. 320 Amusement Parks
  14. 450 Werewolf Colonies
  15. 720 Oxygen Bars
  16. 500 Moon Express
  17. 200 of everything
  18. 900 Helium-3 Farms
  19. 300 of everything
  20. 1200 Helium-3 Farms
  21. 400 of everything
  22. 500 of everything
  23. 600 of everything
  24. 700 of everything
  25. 800 of everything
  26. 900 of everything
  27. 1000 of everything
  28. 1111 of everything
  29. spam Giant Lasers only

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