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The map is currently being fixed and had to be renamed to “CP2 Official”. You can read more on this subject in the current development update. Please spread the word so that everyone can see and playtest the changes.

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From time to time I will try to post some guides about Crap Patrol 2 here. You can click here to see all Crap Patrol 2 related posts. They will mostly focus on Mental or general gameplay.

Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

You can view the latest CP2 patch notes online without having to launch Starcraft 2.

Crap Patrol 2 Forums (Reddit)

There is a subreddit for longer discussions and feedback. Everything which can potentially answered by other players or if you just don’t want to write an e-mail. Click here to go to the CP2 subreddit.

Crap Patrol 2 Nuke Record Leaderboards

There is now an online leaderboard for the biggest nuke records world wide. You can submit any replay of any difficulty. The only prerequisite is that it is a run in which you actually won the map.

You can find the Online Nuke Highscore Leaderboards here.

Crap Patrol 2 Official Discord

Want to discuss hands on with the developers, submit a suggestion, chat with likeminded bugslayers or find other marines to form a group? Get invited to the official CP2 discord server by clicking here.

Community Development Survey

The first Crap Patrol 2 community survey has ended. Big thank you to everyone who participated. Your feedback is very valuable to me.

41 thoughts on “Crap Patrol 2 Links”

  1. I did not get a chance to voice this issue on the community survey, because I hadn’t seen the bug yet. Either the “infested” World Event should removed, or the hero of a player who leaves should be removed from the game completely. I just ran into a problem where one player had left, and we couldn’t end the event because we also had no way to even nudge his hero to the cleansing site. It just sat in the corner and we couldn’t stop spawning eggs.

    1. One of you (or all), should be able to control his Char after he left.
      You can try this, when somebody leaves early, dont leave the game, just click their Chars and try to move them around. You also can use their Abilities.

  2. I’m not sure where to post this, but I figure it might get seen here.

    I think there’s a bug with the nuclear winter perk, each time it ‘activates’ after a massacre, the price of a nuke seems to go up by 10 minerals, instead of down.

    1. The Nuclear Winter talent works fine. Each step reduces nuke cost by 15 minerals. If the value happened to go up in between, it is because the game makes nukes gradually more expensive as the game progresses.

    1. Hi – I hope blackcud don’t mind me replying this one, but ill just throw in my thoughts.

      The tank currently is in a very strong point, especially with the recent perk change to Mecenary. The current problem with it, is that people don’t understand how to maximize its effiecienty. The tank currently, is best played in tank mode most of the time, and ONLY sieging up when you know a lot of enemies are comming, or need to kill a hive or so. Examples could be the blue ultralisk wave, the normal ultralisk waves, the middle hive, bosses where the predator will kite properly. etc. If you want some more help with it, feel free to ask me ingame – you can find me in the chat.

      1. after playing through a few times I think what tank needs is a bit of a range boost than what it currently sits at for siege mode. even at max range it is only 13-18 depending on mastery chosen. it gets out ranged by turrets from swann. a 2 range boost in siege would really help this character attack from the rear (especially early game) where it is less vulnerable. I appreciate the change to allow nukes in siege. was sorely needed as support but the range is still too limiting and the range boost mastery takes too long to get max range. better to just build a swann turret instead.

        1. oh and a leaver bonus should be applied.. ie. you should get extra talent pick when someone leaves to balance the game or HP on foes should drop according to how many players are left. hopefully that’s being worked on. thanks !! :)

          1. Several things change when someone leaves including increased experience and mineral gain. However, the map was never meant to be that successful and is not “public random” proof and making it so will never be a priority.

        2. Boosting the range in its current state would be too broken. If you’re having issues using siege mode properly, maybe your predator/tassadar just isn’t covered you alright. I’ve no problem at all when i play with my pred/tass friend to stay in siege mode when i want to.
          Anyhow, Siege mode in itself isn’t “that” strong early game, the only time where it’s worth it to actually use siege mode is if you can get in 7+ shots in a row, otherwise, tank mode will out DPS siege mode at that stage.
          There shouldn’t be any “leaver penalty” – People who aren’t good enough just shouldn’t play mental in the first place imo.

  3. I’m a huge fan of this Arcade game, it reminds me of some classic maps back in Brood War, I would spend hours playing them. You’ve really captured a flawless measure of interesting mechanics and a sense of exploration with this. I love just about everything about the map except for one thing- Talents. Not Talents in general, I love the way they work for the most part, but being forced to spend a talent point on a talent that I don’t actually want is really frustrating and breaks the illusion of choice when leveling up a character. At one point EVERY talent option I had to choose from was a different Nuke talent.

    I didn’t want nukes. I wanted to specialize my character into auto-attack damage, or tankiness, or really heck if I wanted to just specialize in nukes I’d rather do that- a simple button or right-click to dismiss an unwanted talent and replace it with a new one would go a long way, though obviously if it could be done freely then players would simply spam dismiss talents till they get one they really want, ruining the sense of progression, so perhaps gaining 1 ‘Dismiss’ point every level as well? Just a thought. It really is the only thing that bothers me about your fantastic game, at this point.

    Well done! And have a great day!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Part of the game design plan was to force you into a slightly different build with every playthrough and have the map events randomized so the replayability goes up. If you could just pick your talents like you want, the game would be much more boring. At the moment you can get almost every talent in the game in a single playthrough so your builds are almost always at least similar. As the amount of talent choices goes up over time, you will to actually play slightly differently every time you go.
      Rerolling the current talent selection somhow for a (huge) cost has been debated a lot of times, but it will probably never make the map. I’d rather see specializations being added which ensure that you see some talents earlier than others, but that is a big if and very far in the future.

      1. My only concern is that even with more talent choices, no matter how you try to choose your talents you always wind up with the same mishmosh “Every-Man” build that you were destined to get from the start of the game, as in, whatever talents you choose don’t actually matter.

        As it is now, and even with double the talents possible, it’s the ‘illusion of choice’ rather than an actual player choice- it would be just as effective to assign a talent to players every time they leveled up. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think this is what you had in mind?

        “If you could just pick your talents like you want, the game would be much more boring.” I agree- hence being able to reroll just one talent out of the list of choices for every time you leveled up, I think would be a good middle-ground and would solve the problem.

        Thanks for your time, and for your reply!

      1. Same here – I choose the map from recently played then click play and no matter what mode I choose – it shows an error “Map not found it may have been removed”. I play Americas from Europe (tried it in Frankfurt and Tallinn with the same result)

      2. America server has given everyone the same error since the beginning of the 14th “Map not found. It may have been removed.” I have checked all other realms and they are fine.

  4. Yeh Same thing is going on, and now someone has posted a map “Crapola Patrol” looks like same game but the 5.18 Patch version

  5. I really do love this game. Thank you for making it. My concern is that nubs ruin mental. They just COMPLETELY ruin the game. It takes me all day to get one decent game, and even then I often do not get a good game.

    Can’t there be a rank filter or, even, if you just put a message at the start of every mental game that it is designed for speed runs by pros only that would help a ton.

    1. That would change jack shit, because 99% of the playerbase doesn’t care what mental is for, they just see it as the “hardest” difficulity or something and play it anyways. Forcing ranks wouldn’t help a lot, because the amount of players that are past level 50+ and still complete morons is still too high. I don’t think there’s a real fix outside of “forcing” people to be better by making timed reqs or something like that for mental coop, but i doubt even that would help, since people would just complain that “its impossible”.

      1. That is unfortunate. Perhaps a solution lies in the organization of the “difficulties?” If the nubs don’t think it’s the hardest, and is only for timed runs, maybe we can cull some of the chaff? I don’t know, but that is my only complaint on the game. I enjoy it quite a bit. Thanks for working on it!

    1. I checked on the evening of the 23. October and everything worked fine. Are you sure you got the correct map? “CP2 Official” is the name on Americas.

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