Crap Patrol 2 Perk Overview Part 1

CP2 Perk Detail Overview Part 1


This article is dedicated to give players some insight into how exactly all the Perks work. There are some details which are not obvious right away. All Perks will be explained in detail on how they work, what their exact stats are, exceptions you should know about and finally some information on which hero these Perks might be useful.

Crap Patrol 2 is constantly being updated and some of these numbers or facts might not hold true if they are changed after a while. This article refers to Crap Patrol version 5.1x and was written in August 2015. If major changes arise, this article will be updated, but take this with a grain of salt, if you are reading this a few months after August.

Crap Patrol 2 Perk Selection Screen
Perk Selection Screen as of version 5.1x

The first part of this guide series will take a look at Bug Zapper, Air Support, Compartmentalization and Absorption. Additional parts of this guide will follow in the weeks to come.

Bug Zapper

Bug Zapper Effect

Your hero becomes permanentely Empowered and you will periodically release Corona beams and Mjölnir Protocol discharges at random nearby enemies. Life and shields of your hero are reduced by 20%.

Clarification (Empower)

Empower on your hero is the same as if cast by a Tassadar. If you are playing Tassadar yourself, most talents will NOT affect you. Only talents which directly increase damage, range or attack-speed will work. Enhancements to the buff itself, like increased movement speed or spell-damage will not work. However, you can receive these effects, if you are empowered by yourself or another Tassadar, for example, via Ascendance.

Empower and Bug Zapper do not stack. You will only release one shot at a time. Apart from those exceptions, the usual synergies will apply, for example being able to shoot enemies on the move and increasing the frequency of Empower attacks with attack-speed buffs, e.g. when using Strafe.

Clarification (Corona and Mjölnir procs)

You will release a single Corona beam and a single Mjölnir Protocol lightning strike every few seconds. The effect has only a small chance to occur so the interval between those will be random.

The exact chance is 60% every 8 seconds for both Corona beams and Mjölnir Protocol discharges. The additional beam and the discharge will always hit at the same time and occur together, whenever it procs.

All upgrades which would affect a single beam of Corona and Mjölnir Protocol, will also affect the ones release by Bug Zapper. This includes damage increases from Weapons Research Mastery and increases to range. Talents and Masteries which increase the beam count or frequency will not apply.

Bug Zapper Usage

Bug Zapper greatly increases your damage output and helps, especially in the early game, to deal with multiple small threats. This is usful for heroes which have a low damage output in the early game. Running this Perk as Predator or Anvil is also nice, since you can upgrade its damage quite a bit. However, I personally do not recommend it for Tassadar, as the difference is too small.

  • Predator, must have
  • Tychus
  • Nova
  • Anvil


Absorption Effect

Whenever you use an ability, you gain a permanent bonus to energy regeneration and energy maximum. 100 bonuses maximum.


Abilities refers to all active basic abilities, including Sieging and Unsieging as Anvil and launching Combat Drones as Nova. Using Blink from the Shadow Stalker Mastery does not count.

After you have earned all 100 bonuses, your hero will have increased energy regen and energy maximum similar to picking Energy Mastery. Note that Energy Mastery grants variing amounts of regen and energy max for every hero. Absorption Perk will always grant the same amount for all heroes.

Absorption Usage

Absorption is good on all heroes which can run into energy problems and have the ability to use a lot of abilities. This mainly includes Nova and Tassadar. Tassadar in particular can ramp up his 100 stacks pretty quickly by using Force Fields. Nova and Tychus players will often skip this Perk for other damage increasing Perks.

  • Tassadar
  • Nova
  • Swann
  • Anvil


Compartmentalization Effect

Learning Lightweight Equipment Mastery does not require a Mastery point.


You still need to actively select the Mastery from your Mastery menu in order to trigger the research, but you can do so at any time. The research will also still cost you the same amount of minerals.

Compartmentalization Usage

Lightweight Equipment Mastery without the Mastery point cost (Anvil)
Lightweight Equipment Mastery without the Mastery point cost (Anvil)

Since this basically only grants you a free Mastery point to be used on something else, it is widely considered underpowered at the moment and often skipped in favour of other Perks.

However, heroes which benefit from Lightweight Equipment early one and will almost always learn it no matter what, can put this Perk to great use. It will allow those heroes to grab a Mastery which they otherwise wouldn’t have the point for.

  • Swann
  • Nova
  • Tassadar?
  • Anvil?

Air Support

Air Support Perk
Air Support Perk BC’s advanced Yamato Cannon

Air Support Effect

A permanent enhanced Battle Cruiser will follow your hero around for the whole game. In addition, Dusk Wings will periodically spawn to aid you.

Clarification (Battlecruiser)

The enhanced Battlecruiser attacks and works like a regular BC, except that it has improved weapons and manouverability. It’s speed and acceleration are doubled, weapons have +2 range and all weapons deal roughl 80% increased damage. The damage of its Yamato cannon is increased by 130%.

Damage and kills done by your personal BC will count towards your kills, killstreak and damage-score.

Like all other Battlecruisers, it has short range detection, allowing you to see invisible and burrowed units.

Leadership Perk will further increase the damage output of your permanent BC.

Clarification (Dusk Wings)

The bonus Dusk Wings work like having half the Dusk Wings talent. Whenever Battlecruisers are regularily launched by the CP Base, you have a 50% chance to gain a Dusk Wing elite banshee.

Air Support Usage

Air Support can be used by basically any hero. It is a highly versatile Perk which adds to your damage and grants insane pushing power in the early and mid-game. It’s usfulness will fall off during the later stages of the map, as its damage does not scale up. However, it will still provide you with crucial extra damage against bosses and structures.

The detection really helps with heroes which can not access detection in the early game such as Predator and Nova.

Since the Battlecruiser and Dusk Wings are flying units, they will allow you to see up cliffs, if used right. This way you can often push into enemy fortifications which were otherwise very risky to assault.

Furthermore, the additional Yamato Cannon shots make overcoming Spine Crawlers in the early game much easier, allowing you to advance faster and with more CP forces around you still alive and kicking.

  • All heroes


This concludes the first part of this guide series. All other Perks will be reviewed in the following parts in the upcoming weeks. If you have any questions regarding Air Support, Absorption, Bug Zapper or Compartmentalization, leave a comment below.

One final note on using these Perks: usage suggestions are only that: suggestions. The usefulness of these Perks on said heroes will vary greatly depending on your overal strategy, difficulty and team composition. All suggestion are viewed from the perspective of playing Mental speed runs.

In order to see which Perks are used by the top players, head over to the online leaderboards and see what other players have choosen.

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        And no, no buffs planned. Air Support has been nerfed a couple of times and feels OK right now. If it continues to dominate choices, I will look into it. Bug Zapper seems in an even better spot right now.

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