Crap Patrol 2 Devstream 23.08.2015

Crap Patrol 2 Devstream 23.08.2015

I will be live streaming working on the current and upcoming patches. Topics include a rebalance of Inspire, some buffs and nerfs and most importantly: creating more buildings, talents and stuff for the new commander hero: Aquila.

The stream will start around 5pm CEST. Click here to calculate this to your timezone. Stream URL is

If you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes, visit me on my stream. I will try to answer questions in twitch chat. The more people watching, the longer I will be motivated to work = earlier release of the new hero. You will also have plenty of opportunities to see a very early version of Aquila in action.


What: work on new hero

When: 5pm CEST


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