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This is a quick guide on how to play Tychus effectively solo and in groups in Crap Patrol 2. Tychus is a versatile offensive hero which shines at dishing out tons of damage while staying highly mobile. His range and toughness are average, but his splash damage output is only rivaled by an Anvil in Siege Mode.

This guide is based on information provided by none other than Tankz, the current record holder for all solo categories on the online leaderboards.

Note: this guide assumes that you are playing on Mental difficulty and aim to clear the map as fast as possible. However, adhering to the guidelines give here won’t hurt you on lower difficulties or when simply playing for fun.

Perk Choices

tl;dr: Onslaught, Bug Zapper, Air Support

Onslaught increases your overall damage tremendously. You won’t be able to pick defensive masteries which also includes the notable damage increase via Close Quarter Combat Mastery. The longer the game goes, the better Onslaught becomes. Note that Onslaught also increases your spell-damage which translates to significant boosts to your nukes, grenades and Psionic Warrior damage.

Bug Zapper is another great damage increase. The additional damage makes the early game much easier. The frequency of Empower attacks will also rise with Stim Pack and Berserk.

Air Support provides high ground vision, an additional source of damage and early game pushing power. Use it to spot up cliffs and crush Spine Crawlers.

For more information about Perks, check out the fan-made Crap Patrol 2 wiki or see part 1 of the Perk Detail Overview.

Mastery Order

This currently widely considered to be the most optimal order of getting your Mastery for Tychus when playing on Mental.

  1. Haywire Missiles
  2. Ranger
  3. Weapons Research
  4. Weakspot
  5. Psionic Warrior
  6. Nuke
  7. Energy / Lightweight Equipment
  8. Lightweight Equipment / Energy
  9. Allrounder / Big Game Hunter
  10. Big Game Hunter / Allrounder

Solo Masteries

1) Haywire Missile Mastery

  • Best damage increase on level 0.
  • Burst damage against Abberations, Ultralisks etc.
  • Can outrange Spine Crawlers.

2) Ranger Mastery

  • Provides Detection.
  • Allows you to outrange Spine Crawlers in conjunction with Weapons Research Mastery and Heavy Barrel Talent.
  • Global Storms can help with accumulating Damage Score and soften up big chunks of units attacking the base.

3) Weapons Research Mastery

  • Best damage increase at this stage of the game.
  • Increased auto-attack range.

4) Weakspot Mastery

  • Provides increased damage especially against heavier targets such as Hives and bosses.

5) Psionic Warrior Mastery

  • Your highest damage increasing Mastery.
  • Guarantees high Berserk uptime.

6) Nuke Mastery

  • Allows you to kill crucial unit producing structures. For example, with enough nuke talents you can destroy the Ultralisk Caverns in the North-East base the moment the Leviathan spawns.

7/8) Lightweight Equipment Mastery

  • Increases damage and survivability.
  • Pick Energy Mastery first, if you haven’t gotten enough energy increasing talents, yet.

7/8) Energy Mastery

  • Solves all your energy issues allowing frequent usage of your grenade skill.
  • Pick Lightweight Equipment Mastery first, if you hit enough energy regeneration talents already, e.g. Nemesis Module.

9/10) Allrounder Mastery

  • Pick this Mastery if you are missing key Talents such as Quickening, nuke talents or Shredder Mag.

9/10) Big Game Hunter Mastery

  • Get this over Allrounder Mastery for a small edge in experience and damage against massive units.

Group Masteries

For group play as Tychus on Mental you can go with the same Masteries as for solo play. However, if you have enough early detection in the team, you can forgoe Ranger and pick Weapons Research Mastery earlier. Ranger Mastery should still be picked up as the range increase is too good to pass up.

Nuke Mastery (6th) and all other later Masteries can be selected as the situation requires. Only pick Nuke Mastery that early in a team game if you have a lot of nuke talents available. If this isn’t the case, go with Lightweight Equipment or Energy Mastery. If you are lacking critical talents, get Allrounder as your 7th Mastery.

Notable Talents

There are several extremely powerful Talents which stick out and deserve a special mention here. Keep an eye out for these and pick them according to the hints provided below.

  • Shredder Mag – One of your best damage increasing talents in the whole game.  Pick as soon as possible.
  • Nemesis Module – The highest energy regeneration talent for Tychus in the game. Pick as soon as possible.
  • Adaptive Armor – One of the strongest defensive talents you can have. A must have for fighting off Mutalisks and Queens.
  • Quickening – Reduces all your cooldowns by 50% (excluding Stim Pack). If you have energy regeneration talents, pick this as soon as it shows up.
  • Immovable Object/Incinerator/Hydra Protocol – These three talents provide enormous boosts to your Flaming Betty. Grab them the moment they become available to you.
  • Ionized Chambers – A really strong damage increase. However, it also incurs an energy regeneration penalty. While this talent should be learned as soon as possible, only do so if you already have multiple energy regeneration talents!
  • Demolition Expert – Boosts your damage vs buildings enormously. However, the combination of Armor Piercing Rounds and Weakspot Mastery provides you with a lot of bonus damage vs armored. Since most buildings are armored you can forgoe Demolition Expert if you already have those two. If Demolition Expert pops up very early, grab it.

Gameplay Tricks

  • Place Flaming Bettys behind you, behind buildings or in chokes. This will confuse the enemy and allows you to abuse the pathing for maximum effectiveness.
  • Flaming Betty can dish out tons of damage with the right talents. Do not waste her but rather place the turret carefully so it can survive and attack for extended periods.
  • If you see a group of Vile Strain Roaches approaching, kill them immediately using your grenades.
  • Stim Pack and Psionic Storm become more powerful as the game progresses. They are much weaker than grenades (in terms of energy usage) in the early game. Postpone learning them as long as possible.
  • Do not use Psionic Storm against buildings, because of its inherent building damage penalty.
  • After you have learned Ranger Mastery, you can cast your Psionic Storm anywhere on the map. Use this to gather damage score for your Combined Score unlock and to soften up clumps of enemies threatening your allies.
  • If you get slowed by Roaches and need to get away quickly, throw down a Flaming Betty to draw the fire of any pursuers. This should always allow you to flee when used in combination with Stim Pack.
  • Enemies spawning from destroyed Hatcheries, Lairs and Hives are weaker while spawning. If you time it perfectly, you can kill them (or at least severely damage them) by tossing a Frag Grenade at the exact moment the building goes down.


That’s it for the Tychus Mental guide. Special thanks to Tankz for providing his expert knowledge on the subject. This guide was written for version 5.17. If extreme changes arise in upcoming patches, I will try to update this guide or write a new one.

If you know more neat tricks with Tychus, have questions or have alternate suggestions for Perks, Masteries or Talents, post them in the comments below.

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  1. if people liked this and want some info on the other chars, let me know and ill try n write some stuff about those too. As for the routing, ill make a vid on that when i get time.

    1. Given we have your video for Tassadar (which is very fun and useful, thank you) and this guide for Tychus, Predator guide/video would be super awesome.

      1. Because i’m personally tired of people picking mental difficult without any clue of what’s going on. It’s annoying because it ruins the run for me, which in return will ruin the run for other people too. There’s other modes for more casual play, which people don’t seem to realise.

  2. Specially predator.
    Want to know is there any talent learn pattern for how quickly find armor and “compound plates”.
    Almost every hero fun but i love playing with predator.
    Btw thanks for great map, i’m looking for new ui test map and new changes.

  3. Personally I use mostly Aquila and Piro.
    Like to play Nova but she is easy to figure out. Anvil is not so clear, do him!

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