Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy 2.0

Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy Guide 2.0

Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy (updated September 2015 for Version 2.0)

At the end of September 2015, an update changed the way the Moon works in Adventure Captialist. The best late game options on the Moon have changed significantly. Check out the new best build order below in order to maximize your moon profits!

The Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy 2.0

Follow these build goals in this exact order to maximize your profits. Sometimes you will need to wait for a bit, but it will be worth it in the long run.

  1. 160 Moon Shoes
  2. 120 Payday Clones
  3. 90 Oxygen Bars
  4. 64 Cheese Mines
  5. 180 Oxygen Bars
  6. 128 Cheese Mines
  7. 150 Werewolf Colonies
  8. 360 Oxygen Bars
  9. 450 Werewolf Colonies
  10. 2880 Oxygen Bars
  11. 2160 Amusement Parks
  12. 2600 Helmium-3 Farms
  13. 2300 Amusement Parks
  14. 3500 Werewolf Colonies
  15. 2540 Amusement Parks
  16. 3800 Werewolf Colonies
  17. 3000 Helium-3 Farms
  18. 4100 Werewolf Colonies
  19. 3000 Amusement Parks

14 thoughts on “Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy Guide 2.0”

    1. That’s because they come along naturally. The only thing blocking your “unlock everything” will be Giant Lasers, which are no longer worth upgrading really. Just upgrade your lasers to the next 50 increment if you have the money, otherwise skip it.

    1. What about the other profits btw? And the “Unlock everything” at what should be? I can go as far as 400 lasers, and that would be the highest “Unlock everything” for me, but you saying that aren’t worth it, so uhm could you please tell more info about the profits and not just the mentioned ones!

      Thank you!

      1. Don’t bother the other businesses unless trying to get the 2x speed boosts other than that pour all your $$$$$$$$$ into the o2 bars or go amusement parks or cheese mines they all make an almost equal amount of money

    1. I haven’t reached 2880 o2 bars just yet but getting there… so I’d say around 826.83 sept. Decillion. I’m in the quatt. Decillions so I’m pretty close. I’m around 2500 – 2600 o2 bars so far but there ya go

  1. No response from OP like months ago, even there are asked few questions, seems he noticed it is garbage crap build after all. I’ve tried the build right away when I saw this, but was too hasty and judged it that it works, but actually as the other guy above said, this guide will end up in a total crap build, and it is.

    160 Moon Shoes
    120 Payday Clones
    90 Oxygen Bars
    64 Cheese Mines
    180 Oxygen Bars
    128 Cheese Mines
    150 Werewolf Colonies
    360 Oxygen Bars
    450 Werewolf Colonie
    2880 Oxygen Bars really
    Follow these build goals in this exact order to maximize your profits. Sometimes you will need to wait for a bit, but it will be worth it in the long run.

    When you gonna get those 2880 OB, wait a BIT? in a year? 2 years?
    Why to stop at 450 WC when I got income to get 4500 Moon shoes, and 2200 oxygen bars, lasers not worth? why so? it will speed your businesses by x2 which is great to have bit speed boost on moon. I will not ask further questions because I know you won’t replay or shit, but this build is total shit.

    1. Around Quidecillion angels area, things speed up. use the gold from events to buy a x12 and keep putting golden tickets on your stuff. I acknowledge that the guide is very barebones, but these are the critical milestones in the most efficient order. Maybe I write something more in-depth about how to spend your mega tickets.

    2. I’m on your side but I have a few questions… why say 2160 amusement parks for an 888x boost is provided to boost income insanely when 1440 amusement parks provides the same boost…

  2. 1440 oxy’s should be before 450 werewolfs, and probably the x3 profit oxy buff that comes at 192 septenvigitillion aswell.

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