Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.25

If you are having trouble running the map since the Starcraft 2 3.0.0 patch, please try using the 32 bit client. The new 64 bit client has some major issues and we strongly advice anyone to use the 32 bit version of Starcraft 2 until Blizz fixes things up.
In order to use the 32 bit client, simply navigate to: App->Settings->Game Settings->Starcraft 2->Launch 32 bit Client

See the picture below for reference. You will have to restart Starcraft II in order for the changes to take effect.

Starcraft 2 Patch 3.0.0 32 Bit Client
Starcraft 2 Patch 3.0.0 32 Bit Client


Please note, that this is only a partial update and is mainly aimed at getting things running again under the new patch. There are still several (non critical) bugs and a lot of the new features require additional polish. If you find anything unusual, please feel free to report it in the subreddit: /r/crappatrol

  • New Feature: Hero Preselection! Players can now choose to pre-select their desired hero while in the lobby. You can still select a hero in-game as usual. If you do not meet the required rank for your selected hero, you will be presented with the regular hero-selection dialog. This is an experimental feature and will receive fixes and polish in the upcoming patches.
  • New Feature: Floating Combat Text! A lot of text messages, e.g. massacre bonuses, will now appear directly at your hero in the form of floating combat text messages. This is part of our continued process to clean up the UI. Floating Combat Text is still an experimental addition and will be tweaked and fine tuned in the upcoming patches.
  • Lobby delay has been increased and lobbies no longer auto-start when full, granting players the ability to communicate strategy and hero composition before the run starts.
  • Performance: several drastic performance optimisations have been implemented which should reduce the cpu tax for all players by a large amount. If you or one of your friend’s couldn’t run CP2 smoothly before, now is the time to try again. Any remaining low framerates are mainly due to the SC2 3.0.0 patch and will hopefully be resolved by Blizz in the near future.
  • CP AI: allied troops will now always choose a more consistent route and stick together at all times for maximum Zerg slaughtering effectiveness.
  • Combat Drones: Nova’s Combat Drones will now sometimes autonomously attack nearby enemies, even if Nova is not attacking them directly.
  • Learning a Mastery will no longer interrupt what your hero is currently doing, e.g. moving.
  • New chat commands have been added:
  • -perk 1 2 3 Can by typed during the intro cinematic to automatically choose Perks 1, 2 and 3 (top-left to bottom-right).
  • -toggle leaderboard/objectives/portraits Can be used to hide these respective windows for advanced players. This setting is saved in your local bank file and needs only be typed once.
  • Several smaller bugs, which have been reported by the community, have been ironed out.

Special shout-out to Folk, who has provided a lot of code and technical assistance for many of the changes you see in this patch and for making the map playable under patch 3.0.0.

One thought on “CP2 Patch Notes 5.25”

  1. Hello!

    I’ve been playing with my friends for quite a while now without commenting, so let me start off by thanking you very much for such an awesome gamemode.

    I wanted to report that I just tested the game on Mental with a longtime buddy of mine and our slowdown/stuttering issue was at an all time low. Here’s where we ran into it (roughly):
    * We had huge slowdown initially just after deployment lasting a few minutes
    * We had a bit of slowdown right after a player died
    * We had pretty nasty slowdown during the dark particle cloud event, though we also had an internet hiccup there
    * We had some stuttering while fighting the elite brutalisks after defeating the brain bug

    Would it be helpful for us to keep our eyes out for other slowdowns?

    Also – is the Firebat hero slated to replace the Goliath? I gotta admit, hyped as I am for AoE firebat shenanigans, I was looking forward to stomping around as a Goliath.

    Once again, thanks a ton! :)

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