Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.31

  • Performance: several huge performance improvements have been implemented in order to undo some of the damage caused by patch 3.0.0 and further reduce the overall requirements of the map. Once again big thanks to Folk on his work there.
  • Large enemy armies should no longer cause excessive lag when they are stuck.
  • Various AI improvements and changes to Odins, Predator, Hybrids, Battlecruisers and other enemy units.
  • Chat Commands:
  • -perk No longer requires you to separate the numbers with spaces, i.e. “-perk 135″ works as well as “-perk 1 3 5″
  • -toggle Various improvements and implementations.
  • CP Base: slightly increased the amount of Marauders and Siege Tanks built by the CP Base in comparison to other unit types.

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