Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.38 & 39

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused CP forces to stop moving and get stuck.
  • Fixed Swann’s Haywire Missile Mastery not restoring energy properly.

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2 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 5.38 & 39”

  1. Thanks for the awesome game and great updates!

    Did the timing for Mental runs change? Around the 2:15-2:30 mark multiple Omegalisks started pouring out of the last enemy base. Previously that happened around the 4:00 mark. Also, as soon as the Hybrid General was activated he started marching towards my base unhindered and obliterating everything in his path, and he was still invulnerable the whole time (instead of marching back and forth in his own base like before). He made it all the way to my main ramp with the 3 Planetary Fortresses before the Omegas overran my base from the SE side. This was on a solo run with no deaths to this point.

    1. We felt that the 4 and 6 hour marks were no longer near anywhere where an “enrage timer” is meaningful. With all the Perks and updates, the game has become significantly shorter. Maybe we increase the enrage timer back up a bit for solo play, although one of my goals is to reduce the difference between singleplayer and group times more and more. Thanks for your feedback thou. Depending on what our test games bring and what other people in the community send me, I might change the values back up. Maybe 3 hours and 4 hours? In the meantime you might want to check out some replays of previous records from other players in the community. They have some crazy ideas sometimes and unorthodox picks and routes which might shave off a lot of time from your run:

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