Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 6.0 New Hero Fury

  • New Hero: Fury
  • Fury is a medium ranged fire support walker which fields an elite group of mechs to help you stem the tide. Fury is still in development and you can expect visual polish, bug fixes, more masteries, additional talents and lots of balance changes in the upcoming weeks.
  • If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions regarding Fury, feel free to post them online or send me an e-mail.
  • Please note that for the moment you can not submit replays to the online leaderboards which had a Fury player in their game. This willchange once the hero is more polished.
  • The Arcade map version will now match the actual map version on all servers.
  • CP Vikings in assault mode can now attack air units.
  • It is now visible to all allies when Nova uses her Strafe ability.
  • Clarified and further streamlined some ability and talent tooltips.
  • Inspire no longer affects Battlecruisers.
  • Fixed a rare case in which Inspire could be applied to Medics, Skibis Angles, Medivacs, Gatlings and Hellfire Turrets.
  • The lobby hero pre-selection will now properly check for your rank in-game, when you are below rank 15.
  • The rank 20 unlock has been temporarily removed and will be replaced with a new unlock in the future.
  • The rank 21 unlock has been changed to: Unlock new hero Fury.
  • All Larvae will now only count as half a kill for your killstreak record, similar to how Broodlings already function.
  • The Dusk Wing model has been made smaller in order to reduce screen clutter.
  • Scanner Sweep and Combined Assault have swapped positions and hotkeys in the ui aka scan’s default hotkey is now Q.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Absorption Perk would cause the abilities used statistic to malfunction.
  • Vitality Kit X: slightly reduced the amount of health provided by this talent for Predator.
  • Fixed world event Center Island Blockade to correctly remove its minimap pings after completion.
  • Fixed Field Repairs talent not properly granting life regeneration to Major Anvil.

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2 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 6.0 New Hero Fury”

  1. Love the new hero!
    Only problem with him is, that his private army gets hit and sometimes destroyed before it can even land by AA. So if u got the Mastery which spawns them near you, it can happen that u have one per 70+sec and not one per 25:)
    Other than that it’s the first fun hero since tassadar

    1. Jeah, noted that as well. This will probably be removed in an upcoming patch. While it is more interesting/realistic it is also a pretty frustrating mechanic.

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