Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 6.8

  • Thenarden has upgraded the online leaderboards. They will now feature rankings for Normal, Hard and Insane mode as well as other improvements. These additional leaderboards are not meant to be super serious but rather a place where less hardcore people can upload their runs and compare them online. In addition, you can now click a player name and seem some neat stats, like all time nuke record, most played heros and record times for all categories.
  • Corona beams will now target debris if you are standing very close to it and/or no enemies are within range.
  • Dissolving Lance: increased damage bonus for Stalkers from 20 to 26.
  • Immortals (Nexus Exiles): barrier shield absorption amount changed from 100 to 80+1 per hero level. Barrier duration increased to 20 secs.
  • Fixed Stalkers command card.
  • SCVs will now longer chase after damaged MULEs in order to try and repair them.
  • MULEs will now get all teh mineralz, no matter if you put a forcefield in their way.
  • Vaporize: Can now be learned 4 times (old 3) and increases BFG damage by 11 (old 14). Also has new fancy icon.
  • Vultures will now attack slower and have slightly less range, but have had their damage increased especially against light units.
  • Pulse Quake Mastery: slightly reduced the movement speed bonus to Fury provided by this mastery.

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