Heroes of the Storm Tier List – March 2016

The Best Heroes of the Storm Heroes Characters March 2016

What are the best Heroes of the Storm characters? This is a question asked by many people. Which heroes should I buy first if I start playing the game? Which heroes should I pick in order to own my everyday public games in quickmatch and hero league?

Every few weeks the meta game changes and it is sometimes hard to stay on track. We have compiled a short comprehensive list with heroes you should focus on during spring 2016.

This time we have changed the categories. Usually you will see Assassins, Tanks, Supports and Specialists. As Heroes’ pool grows, subcategories like brawlers and the difference between burst and sustained damage become much more fleshed out. There are now actually multiple heros in all of these finer subcategories and one can actually compare them.

Now, we will filter by tiers and put the heroes’ roles next to them. Also keep in mind that these tiers are meant for solo queuing into quick-match and hero league. If you play in an organised larger group you should probably adjust your strategy.

Tier 1 – Top Heroes of the Storm Solo Queue Picks

You can currently not go wrong with any of these. If you are looking for new heroes to acquire or what to pick in your next game, you have come to the right place. Rehgar is currently being nerfed (again), but he still is one of the best supports in the game.

  •  Diablo (Tank)
  • Sonya (Brawler)
  • Rehgar (Healer)
  • Li-Ming (Burst Damage)
  • Thrall (Sustained Damage)
  • Xul (Siege/Pusher)
  • Zagara (Siege/Pusher)

Diablo Sonya Rehgar LiMing Thrall Xul Zagara

Tier 2 – Heroes of the Storm Solo Queue Picks

These heroes are close to the best picks. They are a bit more situational, but fearsome opponents none the less. Pick these if the tier 1 heroes are not available for whatever reason.

  • Johanna (Tank)
  • Lt. Morales (Healer)
  • Stitches (Off-Tank/Ambush)
  • Greymane (Sustained Damage)
  • Nazeebo (Sustained Damage)
  • Sgt. Hammer (Siege)
  • The Lost Vikings (Utility)

Johanna Lt Morales The Butcher Greymane Nazeebo Sgt Hammer The Lost Vikings

Honorable Mentions

In this category fall heroes which are not exactly bad, but also not competing at the highest level. They are staple heroes (or ones aspiring to become such) which can work in many situations. They usually require setup or a specific map, enemy or team composition to shine brightly.

  • E.T.C. (Tank)
  • Leoric (Brawler)
  • Li Li (Healer)
  • Zeratul (Assassin)
  • Raynor (Sustained Damage)
  • Valla (Sustained Damage)
  • Lunara (Sustained Damage)

E.T.C. Leoric LiLi Zeratul Raynor Valla Lunara

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