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Studied International Computational Linguistics and Media Computer Science in Germany. Handsome nerd with a passion for e-sports, programming, game design, and playing lots of games. Please don't take anything I say very seriously. I tend to be very direct.
Squadron TD Starcraft 2 Arcade

Squadron TD Best BO Soul

Squad TD Soul Build Order

Squadron TD Soul Worker IconSquadron TD is a team tower wars map for Starcraft 2, available through the Arcade mode. Squadron TD has been a stable entry on the top 3 most played maps for years. However, there are only very few guides and good build orders out there. If you dig deep, you may find some, but most of them are hopelessly … Continue Reading ››
heroic loatheb portrait art

Heroic Loatheb Guide (using two almost F2P decks)

How to beat Loatheb on Heroic?

Like with Maexxna in the first wing, the last of the three is the hardest. Depending on which decks you choose, some encounters might be going more smoothly than others. However, heroic Loatheb is definitely no push-over, especially if your deck is not attuned to the special circumstances of this encounter.

Heroic Loatheb will hit you for 3 damage using his hero ability every turn. In addition he will … Continue Reading ››

Twitch Reynad vs StrifeCro hosted by HSDREAM.TV

Hearthstone Game of the Week #1

Hearthstone Game of The Week Series

In this series, we showcase a remarkable and entertaining game from the e-sports scene. Games in this series focus on the Hearthstone scene, this time the WEC NA Qualifiers.

About the Game

This match is from the WEC NA Qualifiers first round, the quarterfinals. Reynad faces off against StrifeCro, two of the best Hearthstone ladder players out there, especially in the North American scene. Both have participated in countless tournaments and especially … Continue Reading ››
Hearthstone Naxxramas Noth the Plaguebringer

Heroic Noth Guide

How to beat Noth on Heroic?

Hearthstone Heroic Noth Raise DeadNoth the Plaguebringer is the first boss in the second wing of the Hearthstone Naxxramas Expansion. He will summon 5/5s whenever one of your creature dies. Naturally, you'll want big minions which don't go down easily. This is easier said than done because heroic Noth has a range of abilities to bring you and your minions to their knees. This … Continue Reading ››
Hearthstone Naxxramas Heroic Maexxna Paladin Victory

Heroic Maexxna Guide

How to beat Maexxna on Heroic?

Maexxna Heroic Hero AbilityNaxxramas is here and with it three bosses to conquer. After you have completed them in normal mode, you can try them on heroic difficulty. This is not that important as the only thing you will get is a custom cardback if you manage to beat all the heroic bosses of all five wings. Heroic Maexxna is one of … Continue Reading ››
Archeage Beta Action Vol 2

Archeage 2nd Beta Event

Archeage Beta Events

The Archeage beta is finally upon us. For the second time now we have access to the closed beta servers and are able to enjoy the game in a much more advanced state. The second, currently ongoing, beta event will last until Monday, August 4th. The improved graphics look gorgeous and the game feels much more polished already. Archeage Closed Beta Event 2Continue Reading ››