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Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.23

Crap Patrol 2 Development Update Americas

CP2 on Americas, Cheaters and Development Update

Crap Patrol 2 on Americas Battle.net

tl;dr: Map is renamed to "CP2 Official" on NA. Stats will work. Blizz s*cks. In the recent weeks, the map has unfortunately been pulled from the Americas gateway for unknown reasons. I have talked with multiple Gamemasters and released two threads on the official forums. However, nobody was able to help me. The best guess was that the map's name doesn't comply with Blizzards rather strict naming conventions on Americas. The original map has … Continue Reading ››
Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.22

Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.21


Crap Patrol 2 Tychus Guide


This is a quick guide on how to play Tychus effectively solo and in groups in Crap Patrol 2. Tychus is a versatile offensive hero which shines at dishing out tons of damage while staying highly mobile. His range and toughness are average, but his splash damage output is only rivaled by an Anvil in Siege Mode. This guide is based on information provided by none other than Tankz, the current record holder for all solo … Continue Reading ››

Crap Patrol 2 Devstream 23.08.2015

Crap Patrol 2 Devstream 23.08.2015

I will be live streaming working on the current and upcoming patches. Topics include a rebalance of Inspire, some buffs and nerfs and most importantly: creating more buildings, talents and stuff for the new commander hero: Aquila. The stream will start around 5pm CEST. Click here to calculate this to your timezone. Stream URL … Continue Reading ››
Crap Patrol 2 Perk Overview Part 1

CP2 Perk Detail Overview Part 1


This article is dedicated to give players some insight into how exactly all the Perks work. There are some details which are not obvious right away. All Perks will be explained in detail on how they work, what their exact stats are, exceptions you should know about and finally some information on which hero these Perks might be useful. Crap Patrol 2 is constantly being updated and some of these numbers or facts might not hold … Continue Reading ››
Crap Patrol 2 Loading Screen

Crap Patrol 2 Links

Crap Patrol 2 on Americas

The map is currently being fixed and had to be renamed to "CP2 Official". You can read more on this subject in the current development update. Please spread the word so that everyone can see and playtest the changes.

Submit Mental Replays/Online Hall of Fame

If you would … Continue Reading ››