Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 9.13

  • All Perk tooltips now have hero specific texts, e.g. Leadership Perk will show you an exact list of units and abilities improved for your currently selected hero.
  • Psionic Warrior (Tychus Ultimate Mastery) has been completely reworked. Instead of procing Psi Storm on auto-attacks it will now cause Tychus to periodically throw grenades at nearby powerful enemies as well as carpet surrounding enemies with Psi Storms for free. In addition, Psionic Warrior Mastery causes Berserk stacks to grant a large chunk of armor. However, the previous detriments of learning the Mastery remain intact.
  • Tychus now has access to the KBW Class Toxins Talent.
  • Tychus can no longer learn Adaptive Armor.
  • Pulverize Talent: Tychus can now learn this Talent 2 times.
  • Limitless Talent: no longer improves Adaptive Armor, but you can learn this Talent 2 times now.
  • Aquila can no longer learn Bio Implants Talent.
  • Toxic Waste Perk(Nova): reduced the pre-upgrade shield armor bonus 15->12.
  • Snipe base damage increased 350->365.
  • Ionized Chamber Talent(all heroes): now worsens shield regeneration delay instead of reducing energy regeneration rate.
  • Adaptive Armor is now a base tier Talent for Fury.
  • The primary planetary fortress (at the spawning location) is now significantly stronger, but will never ever be rebuilt.
  • Focus Talent: now activates at 85% life (down from 90%).
  • Iron Man Mastery(all heroes): corrected tooltip to clearly state what it does for each individual hero.
  • Carriers can no longer be selected by accident and are now click-through.
  • Fixed Mastery menu clickable during Perk selection.
  • Fixed some interaction bugs with Iron Man Mastery, Fury and Aquila.
  • Improved some of the existing Perk tooltips.

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