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Crap Patrol 2 Development Update Americas

New Perks, Survival Game Mode and UI Features Sneak Peak

Awesome New Features Incoming

We are currently working on several awesome additions to CP2.  Here is a short sneak peak of all the features to come. Of course, all of these things are subject to change and some of these will probably never go live.

New Custom in-game User Interface

Thenarden is working on an overhauled custom UI. The new UI will have cool new features like an always visible health bar for your hero. It will be extra … Continue Reading ››
Crap Patrol 2 Leadership Perk

The Leadership Perk in Numbers


Out of all the Perks in Crap Patrol 2, Leadership Perk is one of the most debated one if it is worth the pick. It is also the Perk which raises the most questions, e.g. which units are affected by it? This short article will shed some light on the actual in-game numbers.

What Does Leadership Perk Do?

The Leadership Perk grants a cumulative percentage bonus to all damage dealt for all core minions summoned by a … Continue Reading ››
Thank you \:D/

Celebrating 1337 CP2 Replay Uploads

You Guys Are Awesome!

Today we celebrate 1337 uploads to the Hall of Fame, the CP2 online leaderboards. The recent release of Inferno mode has pushed over a hundred new replays to the site within just a week. I would like to celebrate this achievement with a small stats post for all you number loving people and honor the best players out … Continue Reading ››
Crap Patrol 2 Loading Screen

Crap Patrol 2 Links

Crap Patrol 2 on Americas

The map is currently being fixed and had to be renamed to "CP2 Official". You can read more on this subject in the current development update. Please spread the word so that everyone can see and playtest the changes.

Submit Mental Replays/Online Hall of Fame

If you would … Continue Reading ››