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CP2 Patch Notes 6.13 – INFERNO

This patch introduces a new difficulty level which is mainly meant to be fun… for your enemies. Face never seen before traps, bosses and perils. Stem the unending onslaught of new enemy types and encounters. You will be able to upload your completed runs on the website soon(tm).

  • New difficulty: Inferno
    Inferno is a new difficulty which lets you play against a truly merciless onslaught of foes. This is no longer speed run country, this is for realsies. Many enemies are roughly as strong as on Mental or Insane, but they will occur in greater numbers and with new abilities, weapons and tools to kill your dreams. A large amount of new traps, counter attacks and mechanics have been added to strike fear and hoplesness into the hearts of even the most seasoned CP veterans. Inferno does not become more difficult over time, but deaths will still be punished with experience loss and counter attacks.
    This time it is not just about being fast. It is about survival. You will have to rethink many known encounters and come up with new strategies for all major events and boss fights. I am looking forward to see how long it takes for you to beat it and how the times will look like. After all there are some truely amazing players in this community.
    There is also a mission timer, like in Mental, and you will be able to upload your best runs to the online leaderboards in the near future. Thenarden is currently working on expanding the website to make room for your runs.
  • Leviathan Boss Battle: Slightly increased the average amount of Elite Vikings which help you defeat the Leviathan.
  • Overdrive: self-damage increased 20%->25%, energy cost reduced 90->60. Activating Overdrive should be a decision about life and cooldowns and less about energy.
  • Transmissions (“Large Zerg Force Incoming” etc) will no longer overlap each other that much (experimental change).
  • Players can now select any difficulty in solo mode regardless of their rank and other previous requirements for them.
  • Fixed some ultra rare pathing problems.
  • Fixed a bug with minion damage bonus from Power Cubes.
  • Various minor polish.

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  1. Happy happy times :) Was worries you went poof and this is my fav map by far!

    Hope new hero is near end of the production as well :)

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