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Warframe Soma Prime

Min/Maxing the Soma Prime

Warframe Best Soma Prime Builds 2016

Probably every Warframe player, especially the older ones, have heard and used about the Soma. As one of the most powerful starter and mid-game weapons it can carry you very far. No wonder that its big sister (no, not that stupid Archwing rifle), the Soma Prime, has received so much attention. Even if it is not the best primary in the game (not even close), it is still one of the … Continue Reading ››
Warframe Tonkor

How to Tonkor in 2016

Warframe Best Tonkor Builds 2016

It goes without exaggeration that the Tonkor is one of the hardest hitting weapons in the entire game that is Warframe. Better yet, it is relatively cheap to build and mod. You just need a lot of Forma to fit everything in. Don't worry thou, these Formas will be a worthwhile investment. Don't be a fool and save on Formas. This weapon will change the way you percieve difficulty in Warframe, being … Continue Reading ››
Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy 2.0

Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy Guide 2.0

Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy (updated September 2015 for Version 2.0)

At the end of September 2015, an update changed the way the Moon works in Adventure Captialist. The best late game options on the Moon have changed significantly. Check out the new best build order below in order to maximize your moon profits!

The Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy 2.0

Follow these build goals in this exact order to maximize your profits. Sometimes you will need to wait … Continue Reading ››
adventure capitalist moon strategy

Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy Guide



Best Adventure Capitalist Moon Strategy (updated August 2015)

Once you reached the decillion-range in Adventure Capitalist, you can shoot for the moon. The moon has 10 new business with very strange breakpoints and irregular multiplicators. Especially when first starting to build stuff on the moon, you will probably be stuck and progress will feel awfully slow. This … Continue Reading ››
Heroes of the Storm - Valla Guide

Best Valla Build 2015

Best Heroes of the Storm Valla Guide

Valla is certainly among the top assassins in Heroes of the Storm at the moment. There are others like Tychus and Falstad, for example, but what sets Valla apart is her relatively low skill requirement. Most people will argue that a full multi-shot build is the best way to play Valla. This guide will showcase a Valla build which focuses on multi-shot with the exception of one or two talents. It … Continue Reading ››
Heroes of the Storm Arthas

Competitive Arthas Build

Due to recent changes this build and playstyle does no longer work! It will be replaced by a new guid in the near future.

Competitive Heroes of the Storm Arthas Build

Arthas is one of the tankiest heroes available currently. This Arthas build and guide will focus a lot less on survival-talents and more on the engagement side of things. You will sacrifice some of his available uber-tankyness for extremely powerful sustain and disruption as well as … Continue Reading ››
Hearthstone Naxxramas Heroic Maexxna Paladin Victory

Heroic Maexxna Guide

How to beat Maexxna on Heroic?

Maexxna Heroic Hero AbilityNaxxramas is here and with it three bosses to conquer. After you have completed them in normal mode, you can try them on heroic difficulty. This is not that important as the only thing you will get is a custom cardback if you manage to beat all the heroic bosses of all five wings. Heroic Maexxna is one of … Continue Reading ››