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Warframe Ducats Farming 2016

Warframe Ducats Farming: Void Relic Edition

How to Best Farm Ducats with Void Relics

Spectres of the Rail is finally here and the Void Key system has been completely revamped. However, everybody still wants those precious Ducats ducats or "Void Bucks" to buy all the primed mods and awesome stuff the Void Trader has to offer. There are dozens of Void Relics, but only a few of them are really … Continue Reading ››
Warframe Soma Prime

Min/Maxing the Soma Prime

Warframe Best Soma Prime Builds 2016

Probably every Warframe player, especially the older ones, have heard and used about the Soma. As one of the most powerful starter and mid-game weapons it can carry you very far. No wonder that its big sister (no, not that stupid Archwing rifle), the Soma Prime, has received so much attention. Even if it is not the best primary in the game (not even close), it is still one of the … Continue Reading ››
Warframe Tonkor

How to Tonkor in 2016

Warframe Best Tonkor Builds 2016

It goes without exaggeration that the Tonkor is one of the hardest hitting weapons in the entire game that is Warframe. Better yet, it is relatively cheap to build and mod. You just need a lot of Forma to fit everything in. Don't worry thou, these Formas will be a worthwhile investment. Don't be a fool and save on Formas. This weapon will change the way you percieve difficulty in Warframe, being … Continue Reading ››