Warframe Tonkor

How to Tonkor in 2016

Warframe Best Tonkor Builds 2016

It goes without exaggeration that the Tonkor is one of the hardest hitting weapons in the entire game that is Warframe. Better yet, it is relatively cheap to build and mod. You just need a lot of Forma to fit everything in. Don’t worry thou, these Formas will be a worthwhile investment. Don’t be a fool and save on Formas. This weapon will change the way you percieve difficulty in Warframe, being able to aoe-one-shot most mobs in Sortie missions.

Tonkor Base Mods

Here is the optimal base build. Possible adjustments for min/maxing and explanations for each mod can be found below. This build features insane damage output, while still not wasting additional Forma or relying on expensive mods which grant little to no benefit.

Warframe SerrationWarframe Split Chamber Warframe Heavy Caliber   Warframe Vital Sense

Warframe Point StrikeWarframe Stormbringer Warframe Infected Clip  Warframe Fast Hands


Tonkor Mod Explanations

  • Serration + Split Chamber + Heavy Caliber: The big three boosting your damage and allowing you to shoot two instead of one grenade. The accuracy loss from Heavy Caliber is negligible on a weapon like Tonkor.
  • Vital Sense + Point Strike: Standard critical build package. Tonkor’s innate critical hit chance and crit damage multiplier are high enough to make these mods superior to everything else.
  • Stormbringer + Infected Clip: Default elemental damage combo. Adjust if needed, but this is the jack-of-all-trades version.
  • Fast Hands: We don’t need more damage. The Tonkor already destroys everything in one hit up to level 100. There is room for at least one convenience mod here. I choose Fast Hands, since you literally spend more time reloading than firing this weapon.

Alternate Mods

Warframe Primed Fast Hands Warframe Malignant Force

  • Fast Hands -> Primed Fast Hands: In theory this is an optimization but in practice this is not worth it. You will need to get a Primed mod, max it out and Forma an additional time. This will only net you a marginal increase in reload speed. Only do this if you have a lot of platinum and time to waste.
  • Fast Hands -> Malignant Force: Maximum damage optimization. Also not needed in my humble oppinion, since dealing enough damage is the least of your problems when wielding a multi-forma Tonkor.
  • There are other mods which can be fitted in as well. If you don’t plan on going past level 50 you can easily get rid of some of the damage mods and add a second convenience mod into the weapon, e.g. Terminal Velocity.

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