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Min/Maxing the Soma Prime

Warframe Best Soma Prime Builds 2016

Probably every Warframe player, especially the older ones, have heard and used about the Soma. As one of the most powerful starter and mid-game weapons it can carry you very far. No wonder that its big sister (no, not that stupid Archwing rifle), the Soma Prime, has received so much attention. Even if it is not the best primary in the game (not even close), it is still one of the best assault rifle-type weapons in the game. This article will feature the two best builds for the Soma Prime which are currently known to theory crafters. I have tested both builds myself and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Soma Prime Best Everyday Build

After applying a potato and ~4 Forma, you will be able to fit the following mods. The mods in question are relatively affordable and the weapon’s damage output is extremely high.

Note that this build especially uses aim-down-sights mechanics and crits. Don’t just spray into the landscape. Try to play the rifle controlled and always press that right mouse button before shooting. Fire short controlled bursts and aim for the head.

Warframe Point StrikeWarframe Vital SenseBladed RoundsWarframe Serration

Warframe Heavy CaliberWarframe Split ChamberWarframe StormbringerWarframe Infected Clip

Mod Explanations (Allrounder Build)

  • Serration + Split Chamber + Heavy Caliber: The big three boosting your damage above else.
  • Vital Sense + Point Strike: Standard critical build package. If you don’t crit with this weapon, nothing dies. If you crit, everything dies.
  • Stormbringer + Infected Clip: Default elemental damage combo. Adjust if needed, but this is the jack-of-all-trades version.
  • Bladed Rounds: The Soma Prime is first and foremost a crit-weapon. You’ll have to crit and your crits deal all the damage. Aim down sights and fire in short controlled bursts to take full advantage of this mod. If you don’t own Bladed Rounds or despise this playstyle, you can swap it for Hammershot or Critical Delay. Note that these two alternatives are way inferior in overall damage output.

Soma Prime Red Crit Build

This build is not easy to acquire and not easy to play. You will need a very expensive mod (Argon Scope), always aim down sights and always headshot your enemies. Not all players are willing to do this and most certainly not all players can do that. There is probably also a substantial amount of players who are not willing to (or can simply not afford) such an expensive mod that is Argon Scope. Depending on who you ask, Argon Scope sells from 300 and up to 600 Platinum.

However, if you manage to afford all of that and play the weapon correctly, you will be rewarded with a beast of an assault rifle and red crits. Here is the build in mods:

Warframe Point Strike Warframe Vital Sense Bladed Rounds Argon Scope

Warframe Serration Warframe Split Chamber High Voltage Warframe Infected Clip

Mod Explanations (Red Crit Build)

  • Serration + Split Chamber: Default damage package. Note that Heavy Caliber is missing. We want to be as precise as possible and the possibility to achieve red crits will outperform Heavy Caliber.
  • Point Strike + Vital Sense + Bladed Rounds + Argon Scope: Aim down sights and on the head and you will have red crits and incredible damage output. If you do not crit you will not do damage.
  • High Voltage + Infected Clip: elemental damage package. Usage of High Voltage/Malignant Force is optional. This will not alter weapon damage performance overall by that much, but save you a Forma.


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