Heroes of the Storm Arthas

Competitive Arthas Build

Due to recent changes this build and playstyle does no longer work! It will be replaced by a new guid in the near future.

Competitive Heroes of the Storm Arthas Build

Arthas is one of the tankiest heroes available currently. This Arthas build and guide will focus a lot less on survival-talents and more on the engagement side of things. You will sacrifice some of his available uber-tankyness for extremely powerful sustain and disruption as well as damage. If played right, you will be the pain in the butt for your enemy’s team assassins and be able to lead game-deciding engagements.

Talent Choices

Heroes of the Storm Arthas - Frozen WastesHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Heroes of the Storm Arthas - EnvenomHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Heroes of the Storm Arthas - Rune TapHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Heroes of the Storm Arthas - Army of the DeadHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Heroes of the Storm Arthas - Trail of FrostHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Heroes of the Storm Arthas - Immortal CoilHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection Heroes of the Storm Arthas - ResurgenceHeroes of the Storm Talent Selection

Level 1: Frozen Wastes – More pressure, damage and slow on the enemy and on more enemies at a time.

Level 4: Envenom – A unique ability for tanks which grants you the ability to burst damage. This is especially useful when bringing down squishy opponents such as Zeratul or Nova.

Level 7: Rune Tap – One of the most iconic and powerful talents of Arthas. This is why you play Arthas. This is why you will survive longer.

Level 10: Army of the Dead – Causes mayhem amongst your enemies, greatly improves your sustain and is very disruptive in any situation.

Level 13: Trail of Frost – Greatly increases your chances of rooting multiple enemies with Howling Blast which will ultimately help you to secure a lot of kills or at least prepare them. If your enemy has a lot of stuns at their disposal or your team is losing, select Relentless instead.

Level 16: Immortal Coil – Another great way to increase your sustain. The self-heal-amount will change from mini to decent and you will be able to use Mortal Coil to damage enemies more freely since it will always heal you, too. If your team is under a lot of pressure and your enemy runs a burst heavy composition, select Stoneskin instead.

Level 20: Resurgence of the Storm – has sadly been removed from the game. I instead recommend going with your improved heroic ability, Legion of the Dead.

Pros and Cons

Even the strongest heroes with their best talent choices have their weaknesses. Here are some general and specific pros and cons for this Arthas build.


  • Really difficult to kill
  • Good initiator
  • Great AoE damage
  • Tanky enough to dive forts


  • Susceptible to ranged harass
  • Predictable plays
  • Absolutely no mobility

Good Matchups and Worst Enemies

These enemies will fall to you like flies or will at least have a pretty bad time once you show up. Envenom will help you to secure a lot of kills versus squishy targets and you are officially hard-countering Zeratul and Nova. If you see these opponents, your frozen heart will smile:

  • Valla
  • Tychus
  • Nova
  • Falstad
  • Zeratul
  • Gazlowe
  • Lili
  • Illidan

As strong as this Arthas build is, you have weaknesses and these foes can exploit them easily. Always be careful and do never overextend against the following opponents:

  • Malfurion
  • Uther
  • Brightwing
  • Stitches
  • Sergeant Hammer

General Plays and Strategies

Use Envenom on low-hp targets or heroes with stealth. Sacrifice ghouls while your army is up and running to stay in the fight even longer. Don’t forget to place auto-attacks and use your trait. Always refill your mana between fights to be able to freeze your enemies constantly during the next engagement.

Early Game

Roam and gank. Switch lanes often. If you can’t do anything, try some of the easier merc camps, especially on Garden of Terror

Mid Game

Help with merc camps and play the objective. If your team is going for an objective on Cursed Hollow or other maps, try zoning out enemies.

Late Game

Stay in group and always engage as a 5-man team. Try to maintain as many merc camps as possible.  If you spot a smaller group of enemies, engage them immediately and don’t let the get away. If you can’t engage or are unsure of the situation, just be there. Your mere presence will make the enemy uncomfortable.

The Build in Action

See one of the best Arthas players out there, Symbiote Gaming’s Soldier doing quite some work with this build. Also a nice match, well worth the watch. Game starts around 4:00.

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