Hearthstone Naxxramas Noth the Plaguebringer

Heroic Noth Guide

How to beat Noth on Heroic?

Hearthstone Heroic Noth Raise DeadNoth the Plaguebringer is the first boss in the second wing of the Hearthstone Naxxramas Expansion. He will summon 5/5s whenever one of your creature dies. Naturally, you’ll want big minions which don’t go down easily. This is easier said than done because heroic Noth has a range of abilities to bring you and your minions to their knees. This guide will provide you a decklist with which you should defeat heroic Noth in a couple tries, maybe even on the first one.

The Decklist

A Warrior Giants deck is one of the easiest ways to defeat Noth the Plaguebringer on heroic. You should also bring some weapons for easy removal in the earlier stages of the game.

If you don’t have all of the cards, just replace them with other strong minions. Just make sure they have a lot of health. Grommash, War Golems, and the likes work just as fine.

  • Inner Rage x2
  • Execute x2
  • Shield Slam x2
  • Upgrade x2
  • Fiery Waraxe x2
  • Heroic Strike x2
  • Slam x2
  • Shield Block x2
  • Arcanite Reaper x2
  • Brawl x2
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Gorehowl
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Alexstrasza
  • Ysera
  • Deathwing
  • Mountain Giant x2
  • Molten Giant x2

Game Plan

Use your weapons and spells to remove threats as soon as they arrive on the board. Try to get a Mountain Giant or another big creature out early. Be careful though: always keep in mind that if one of your minions dies, Noth will spawn another 5/5. Thus, it is often better to just attack his face rather than trying to trade minions.

There are many more ways to defeat Noth. Tell us about your strategy in the comments!


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