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CP2 Patch Notes 6.17 – Collission Rework

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here: player heroes are no longer blocked by CP units.

  • Collission Layers Rework \:D/
    Player Heroes can now move through all CP units unhindered.
    This includes all allied units, Iron Legion, Nexus Exiles and units from support drop talents.
    Collission with enemy units is still the same as before: most Zerg units block your pathing, some bigger ones do not.
    Unburrowed widow mines do not block the pathing of anything anymore.
    Support Drop Auto-Turret: will still block most pathing, but now tries to land a bit further away from your hero’s position.
    Shadow Nimbus Mastery(Tychus): no longer affects collission sizes, movement speed bonus increased, stealth occurs more often.
  • Inferno:
    Killing bosses on Inferno will no longer pan the camera. However, you will also no longer heal to full (exactly like on Mental).
    The first Brutalisk boss no longer increases the amount of Cerebrate Sentinels spawned on hero death.
  • New Talents have been added for Tychus, Nova and Predator.
  • New mechanic: once you have learned all Masteries, any additional Mastery point you gain will be converted into 2 bonus talent points.
  • The chat command helper list is back. Press F12 in-game or click the hint button in the bottom-right after selecting your hero to see a list of all available chat commands.
  • Nova: Snipe auto-cast will no longer fire while Strafe is active. This will prevent any auto-attack interruptions while strafing.
  • Weapons Research Mastery(Swann): now also increases Hellfire Missile Battery attack-range by 2 (10 x .2).
  • Emergency Kit Mastery(Nova): now also grants a moderate amount of shield armor.
  • Onslaught Perk: no longer disables Shadow Nimbus Mastery(Tychus).
  • Battlecruisers will no longer mercilessly obliterate Creep Tumors with their Yamato Cannon attack.
  • The online leaderboards ( will now show map version and upload date in match details.
  • SCVs will no longer repair Widow Mines.
  • Various polish.

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  1. So, out of sheer curiosity, when is Aquilas going to be completed? I mean, I already see that Pyro is in development, but what about Aquilas?

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