Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.37

It’s been a while since the last patch, so here is a bigger one:

  • You will now start with a free Mastery point on all difficulties.
  • New Feature: Perk and Mastery auto-pick If your Rank is below 10, all Perks and Masteries will be automatically selected for you. If you are playing solo, you will get a special popup with more information on the topic.
  • The final boss will now become vulnerable earlier if you manage to raze his whole base. Currently this only works on all difficulties
    except Mental.
  • Several larger AI improvements have been implemented. Here are a few examples:
  • Odins will now use their barrage ability to devastate groups of enemies.
  • CP base will occasionally issue scans near burrowed or cloaked enemies.
  • Units trained from CP production facilities will now assemble in squads and secure their surrounding area before storming the front.
  • New cosmetic units and events have been added all over the map.
  • Lots more easter eggs have been placed all around the map and can occur through various events of different kinds.
  • Several smaller terrain adjustments.
  • CP Starports will no longer produce suicidal useless air units. Instead powerful Vikings will join your ground troops.
  • Ravens will occasionally help you in finding the hidden protoss artifacts around the map.
  • The main CP Orbital Command no longer gains shields from the corresponding Protoss Artifact, but now has increased base life.
  • World Event (Infested): you can now move faster while infested and a secondary clean spot has been added. However, adds spawned from the eggs around you will now hatch into more powerful enemies.
  • Colossi and Reaper will now follow all other ground troops instead of suiciding up cliffs.
  • Name plates have had their alignment fixed.
  • Revamped lots of visual queues with custom fonts.
  • Player heroes are now dropped from their own personal dropships during mission start.
  • You can now see all your rank unlocks and difficulty setting info during the intro cinematic.
  • Elite Battlecruisers from the Air Support Perk now have custom names.
  • The old default difficulty voting mode is no longer available for selection.
  • Nukes no longer increase in cost over time.

Special Thanks to Folk for implementing many of these changes and all his hard work improving the code base \:D/

Up next: more cosmetic events, more rank unlocks, new enemy models, more talents, and new heroes!

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3 thoughts on “CP2 Patch Notes 5.37”

  1. Units seem to clump together and stop moving forward. They aren’t getting stuck around structures or clumping at base. They march out and at some point clump up and stop. This happened at the top of the ramp near the NE enemy base, where Leviathan spawns. Had to clear the base by myself.

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