Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.43

  • The CP base building AI has been rewritten by Folk. Overall base building is now faster (provided there is enough resources and protection). CP base will now also try to build defensive structures first in order to secure new areas.
  • The lobby no longer shows computer player slots. Yay \:D/
  • Mental:
  • The number of enemies which move around and patrol paths of enemies in the first main base area are now less random on Mental.
  • Late game extra bosses now have a minimap indicator for the first 60 seconds after they spawn.
  • Super late game extra mega bosses attack and move much faster and have a custom name. If those guys come, you are done for!
  • Asgard Training progress from picking up Artifacts and Power Cubes is now fixed on Mental.
  • Normal Mode: the first world event will now appear sligthly later on average.
  • Hard Mode: the first world event will now appear at a random timing and slightly earlier on average.
  • The experience bonus from picking up Artifacts and Power Cubes is now fixed and slightly higher than before on all difficulties.
  • Fixed a rare issue which caused MULEs to get stuck behind minerals in the main base.
  • Bareknuckle: this talent has been removed from Swann and Predator. Their melee attack-speed has been slightly increased to off-set this.
  • Allrounder Mastery (all heroes): the periodic talent point bonus now grants 2 (old: 1) bonus talents.
  • Air Support Perk: added more custom BC names. Can you guess what they are referring to?
  • World Event (Infested): doubled the radius of the cleaning areas.
  • Nova: Perfect Hiding Spot talent has been removed from the game.
  • Nova: Duck And Cover talent armor bonus increased to 55 (old: 35).
  • Fixed Creep Tower healing beam not visible.

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