Crap Patrol 2 Patch Notes

CP2 Patch Notes 5.21

  • Check out the Tychus Mental Guide on for in-depth knowledge about piloting the master of miniguns to victory may it be as solo or in groups, on hard mode or on mental difficulty.
  • Mental: the following changes have been made to reduce randomness in Mental early game and increase skill ceiling
  • Changed the timing and unit composition of Roach Drop Pods to make the less random, but also deadlier.
  • Vile Strain Roaches can no longer spawn from regular enemy buildings on Mental. Instead there will be more Banelings!
  • Damage of Banelings center explosion has been slightly reduced against all targets (except structures) on all difficulties.
  • Brutalisk Boss Battle: the first Brutalisk Boss will now always attack using the shortest path to the CP Base on Mental and no longer vary or detour his attack-route.
  • CP SCVs are now more durable.
  • CP Base will now try to construct Planetary Fortresses more reliably.
  • CP Medics heal ability now has 50% longer range.
  • Building placement bug fix.

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